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3/22/2013 Naval Interests/Public Interest


Korean Military

North Korea is ratcheting up the pressure on the South.Check out these recent headlines:

A North Korean propaganda website has warned of strikes against Southern islands and advised residents to leave.
"The Uriminzokkiri website, linked to the regime, mentioned targets including Yeonpyeong island, which was attacked by Northern forces in 2010.
Pyongyang has made a series of threats since its last nuclear test in February prompted the UN to tighten sanctions. "-Source BBC

North Korea posts new video depicting invasion of Seoul
"SEOUL - North Korea posted a new propaganda video on Friday, showing paratroopers descending on Seoul in an invasion scenario that envisages taking around 150,000 US residents in South Korea hostage.
The four-minute video, titled "A Short, Three-Day War", begins with images of a massive artillery and rocket barrage, followed by a large-scale land and air assault with North Korean troops streaming over the border.
A male narrator then describes how "crack stormtroops will occupy Seoul and other cities and take 150,000 US citizens as hostages."
The video was posted on the North's official website, Uriminzokkiri, which distributes news and propaganda from the state media"


So did you happen to catch any of this on your 6 or 10 O'clock news? Notice it on the Front pages of USA Today, or the NY Times?  Besides Chinese aggression against their neighbors North Korea is claiming the sanctions against their latest nuclear weapons test as an excuse to resume the Korean War. While North Korea isn't always coordinated with China it is an ally of China and has been known to do China's bidding. A breakout in Korea timed with a Chinese invasion of the Senkaku Dispute would divide U.S. Forces. South Korea has no nuclear weapons so the U.S. "Nuclear umbrella" would have to be employed not only in the event of a nuclear attack by the North but simply if in fact the South were in danger of being over run. North Korea and China have recently threatened first use of nuclear weapons. The U.S. in fact has never signed off on the "No First Use" policy and in the past has asserted that if the North came across the DMZ they would be repelled with fire power, at the time the U.S. had tactical small scale nuclear weapons in the South such as atomic cannons. 

 While the rest the American news sources are concentrated on the inability of Washington to govern or address the crippling national debt, we are focused mostly on the Pacific where serious trouble for our militarily strong, but politically ineffective, and financially broken nation is a hair's breath away from armed confrontation. We are not a paper tiger yet but the thug states of China and North Korea sense our weakening and are preparing to strike. Meanwhile what were the big military headlines in the national media today? First we are treated to a probable love triangle double murder and suicide  on a Marine Corps base, then the alarming headline "RADICAL RELIGION SPREADING SPREADING IN U.S. MILITARY".  What radical religion is it that had the media so alarmed? Evangelical Christianity.

 For those of you unfamiliar with the Evangelical movement it is found within numerous mainstream 
Christian dominations including Catholicism. Evangelicals differ from their counter parts mostly in their focus on the actions of the Holy Spirit in the life of the faithful, a few groups mix this focus with a more literal belief in certain elements of the Bible like special creation but literal-ism doesn't define the movement.  There simply is nothing in the movement that has caused the Evangelical Christians to be evicted from any of the main stream Christian denominations. 

 They only appear as "dangerous radicals" to the liberals and the liberal media because they are outspoken opponents of abortion, a main tenet of faith of the Secular Humanist who demand to be the de facto National Faith. It seems to us that a good healthy dose of Christianity would be a good preventative for the kind of violence that engulfed a Marine Base recently. And we do have to wonder who would you rather have manning the Korean DMZ right now, stalwart Christian soldiers or weak knee Secular Humanist who think nothing including their own freedom is worth dying for? Had the Congress been made up of Evangelical Christians since the 1960s where do you think the national debt would be right now? But the propaganda machine that now passes for our media tells us to be very afraid of the spread of Christianity among our troops and to have no fear of China, a dragon seeking to devour its neighbors. 

 Find your own news sources people. For the sake of truth in advertising we here at AAB are a mix of non- evangelical Catholic, Agnostic, and Jewish believers and non believers . Our next hire might well be a protestant including an Evangelical we don't have a religious test. But we do have the common sense to know that Christian evangelicals are not dangerous religious radicals. Clearly the main stream media has lost touch with reality. 


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