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Model Ship

Of late we have been so preoccupied with the comings and goings of the Dragon's navy in the China Seas and the prospects of war and peace in the Far East that we have posted little else to the blog space. We don't want to lose sight of our many readers who are deeply interested in things nautical but perhaps not as preoccupied with naval subjects as our staff tends to be because of our professional backgrounds. Even when we are filling the blog spaces with news of naval developments our the work in our special interest pages continues. We will try to make a more deliberate effort to draw your attention to that work when we perceive we are becoming preoccupied with a single subject no matter how riveting it may be to the writing staff. One of our most visited special interest pages is BOAT BUILDING which includes Boat and ship model building. We are constantly not only reviewing books for this section but looking for interesting and useful links and videos, free and for fees. We made a recent addition to our model building related links that we want you to know about.

 THE NAUTICAL RESEARCH GUILD :  is a dues paying membership organization of serious historic ship and boat model builders and historians. Dues presently run about $38 for U.S.residents and $50 for overseas members. The guild provides a quarterly journal, networking opportunities, an annual model building seminar, symposiums, and other model building aids especially in the realm of finding accurate historical details on ships. While we have no particular prohibition against providing links to websites of organizations that charge for information, we rarely do so. We like to check out such services first hand. We have checked out the Nautical Research Guild and give it our recommendation without reservation. For the price of the dues this organization appears to be a treasure trove of resources and contacts for the serious historical ship and boat model builder. They are not advertisers on our site at the moment, so this endorsement is strictly researched based. The contact information and site description are now a permanent part of our BOAT BUILDING special interest pages and can be found among the links in the MODEL BUILDING section. 

War in the Far East and the maneuvers of the Dragon fleet are always interesting but our statistics now tell us that 8 out of 10 visitors are checking in and out at the blog postings. The heart of this project is the special interest pages. If the potential for naval conflict in the Far East is as interesting to you as it is to our staff (and believe me it has our attention) why not follow up with some in depth background reading. Check the many China background book suggestions in our NAVAL INTEREST special pages. If you find something that interests you please consider ordering by clicking on our book cover icon links. Uh....on the way there, if you see an advertisement would you click on it ?  We gotta pay the bills you know.

Johnas Presbyter, editor (more or less)

PS: Our boat model readers generally build much more sophisticated models than the one we used to illustrate the posting with. We love Peter Griffin's beautiful photos but this was the only available boat model photo in our price range. If any of you know a source of public domain photos of more sophisticated boat models please alert us via the comments section. If you are a boat model photographer be advised the Nautical Research Guild has an annual photo contest.-JP

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