Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2/27/2012 Naval Interest

The Dragon and the Tiger Face Off:

India Readies Hi-Tech Naval Base To Keep An Eye On China


The Times of India reminds us again this morning that Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam, are not the only nations concerned with the swimming dragon. India is dedicating a new naval base to keeping an eye on the dragon, check out the lead in to the India Times story below and click on the hyperlink to read the entire article

, TNN | Mar 26, 2013, 01.15 AM IST

NEW DELHI: Slowly but steadily, India's newfuturistic naval base is beginning to take concrete shape on the eastern seaboard. The strategic base, with an eye firmly on China, will eventually even have underground pens or bunkers to protect nuclear submarines both from spy satellites and enemy air attacks.

Sources said a flurry of discussions and meetings have been held in the PMO and defence ministry over the last couple of months to firm up "expansion plans'' for a base located nearRambilli called "Project Varsha" on the Andhra coast — just about 50 km from the Eastern Naval Command headquarters at Visakhapatnam — over the coming decade. 

Though it's still very early days for Project Varsha, some bill it as an answer to China'smassive underground nuclear submarine base at Yalong on the southernmost tip of Hainan Island, which houses its new Shang-class SSNs (nuclear-powered attack submarines) and the Jin-class SSBNs (nuclear-powered submarines with long-range nuclear missiles).

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