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3/25/2012 How Far Will The Dragon Swim-Naval Interest

US Fleet Rattled By China's Carrier Killer

The test of a new missile is heightening concerns over Beijing's arms build-up, says Michael Sheridan

We here at AAB aren't as rattled as the crowd at the London Times but China is happy.
               China successfully hit a carrier sized target in a desert test of a new        The Ju Lang-2 delivers an immense payload up to 8,700 miles awayantiship missile system.  They claim to be able to hit similar sized moving targets but we have our doubts, especially about hitting moving targets capable of active target acquisition system deceptive actions. The images above, by the way are U.S. Navy photos of a Nimitz class carrier and a trident missile, we couldn't find any public domain images of China's new "secret weapon" "Carrier killer". While we are skeptical we do view this as an important story so we provide a link in below and a hyper link to the full story in the London Times. Our analysis  is that the dragon would need a really lucky shot to kill a U.S. Carrier and they are years away from effective carrier operations themselves. So if we follow the advice offered by Namazu a while back we should still end up "shooting fish in a barrel" if China miscalculates and starts a naval war in the China seas anytime soon.

London Sunday Times
March 24, 2013
Pg. 27

 The test of a new missile is heightening concerns over Beijing's arms build-up, says Michael Sheridan CHINA has successfully tested a "carrier killer" missile designed to change the military balance of power in Asia by deterring American aircraft carrier operations up to 1,250 miles from Chinese shores.
The feat will have been a cause of quiet satisfaction for the leaders of China and Russia, who have been discussing enhanced military co-operation at their first summit since a change of power in Beijing.

  It comes amid rising concern in Washington about warlike language from China, such as a recent article in the Liberation Army Daily calling for an end to "romantic pacifism" and "full preparation" for war. Last week a senior US defence official, Ashton Carter, reaffirmed in a speech in Jakarta that the Americans would send new Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor fighters plus more U-2 spy planes, drones and missile defence systems to Asia.
The moves add up to an arms race that, for some commentators, recalls the rivalry between the western powers and a rising Japan in the 1930s.

 The new Chinese missile test appears to be shown in satellite photographs of two bull's-eye craters on a 200-yard white platform mocked up in the Gobi desert to simulate the deck of a carrier, according to media reports in Taiwan.
The images, which military analysts believe show the impact of a DF-21D anti-ship missile, appeared on Google Earth in late January. This unique weapon originates in Soviet missile technology given to China in the 1950s. It is a two-stage, solidfuel rocket fired from a mobile launcher on land. As it comes down, a satellite-linked guidance system can manoeuvre the warhead to hit a moving target such as a large ship. It is so precise that the US navy has reportedly been forced to change its tactics and to evolve a range of highly classified counter-measures. ..........

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