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3/1/2013 How Far will the Dragon swim?
Update 6/2/2015 : Our sources indicate that these mobile missiles aimed at Okinawa have not been redeployed since we first reported this issue which seems to have escaped U.S. National Media attention. Plain and simply our forces on Okinawa are under the gun, have been since 2013 and Obama as our Commander in Chief has not countered the Dragon's move.
Update 9/19/2017: No indication of any change the Trump administration appears to not trust China but appears to be treading lightly while Korea is on the front burner. No information on any enhanced security arrangements on Okinawa.




 I would love to be able to complete my planned address to all of the English speaking bipeds cataloging your collective naval strength and comparing it to the dragon, and describing all of the naval hot spots in the world but it may already be too late to complete it before the war starts.  The latest news coming out of the East China Sea causes me to fear that China, Japan, the Philippines, and possibly Australia and India may all be at war with China in the East China sea before the year is out. You can bet that once the United States is engulfed in a desperate naval struggle in the East China Sea Iran will pick that moment to break out as will North Korea. If I were a biped I be running around screaming right now for the English speaking world to come together and begin coordinating naval operations and individually engaging in a major naval build up. Consider this latest.

 United States intelligence agencies have detected China's military shifting road mobile ballistic missiles to the coast bringing them within range to strike the disputed islands and U.S. Forces on Okinawa. Now since the disputed Diautu / Senkaku have nothing on them the primary targets must be U.S.Forces on Okinawa and secondarily any combatant ship formations around that appear around the Diatu / Senaku islands. China is trying to pull the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force and the U.S. Pacific Fleet into the relatively small pond that is the East China sea. Once bottled up in those somewhat confined waters the dragon can use shore batteries like these road mobile ballistic missiles as force multipliers. Their short range swarms of smaller combatant craft can be used to advantage as well as their now formidable regular Navy. Both sides will try to avoid nuclear exchanges by attempting to confine the war to sea. But North Korea will play the wild card , it claims it can reach the with its nuclear weapons and it is probably true that Hawaii and parts of the west coast are in reach. China may disavow any knowledge or coordination of what Korea does but look for Korea to come into play with either the threat of, or actual insane actions. China has already made thinly veiled threats against Australia if she comes to the aid of the United States in a conflict in the East China Sea. The Indian Navy is the big unknown but we doubt that the Tigers will push through the straits into the China Seas when we are almost positive that Iran will do something dramatic in the Indian Ocean and the World will need to call on India to keep the oil supply moving by defeating Iran with only minimal aid from NATO and the EU. If the whole thing is concluded at sea and doesn't get to a nuclear exchange it will end badly for all involved. China's fleet will be at the bottom of the sea and she will be forever economically boycotted by her best customers who will also repudiate their debts to her. The Japanese Fleet and the U.S.Pacific fleet will be horribly mauled. The U.S. Economy will be shattered and the U.S. Navy may never emerge as a super power fleet again. If the English speaking world at that moment doesn't have a combined and coordinated fleet of at least 600 major combatants including air craft carriers, freedom is toast. The next full service superpower will be Russia who will not wield power in favor of world peace and freedom, just order, the order they declare. 

 Hong Kong sources have stated that the missiles deployed include the DF-16 which is thought capable of defeating U.S. made patriot missiles and are believed to be capable of deploying multiple war heads. All of this weaponry is in the hands of the Chinese Army's Second Artillery which is believed to also have control of most of the nation's tactical nuclear weapons. Much of the Chinese naval forces in the immediate area is of a niche variety specially designed to help defeat a superior force in a specific place, a place where various types of Chinese shore side support can be brought into play. Now if you English speaking bipeds are familiar with your own history you should be able to recognize the times you are in. The world is getting ready for war. You can only pray that you have up to 2017 to get ready to at least not go down without a fight. You must participate in the naval arms race thrust upon you by the dragon. And you must recognize that there is no U.S. defense umbrella to get under this time, the U.S. is now firmly governed by the clueless. It will be the first to fight but after being mauled it will not recover and come out fighting under its present non leaders. 

 Its coming, good luck,



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