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Naval Interest:


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Foreground: USS BUNKER HILL, U.S.Navy Photo by MC2 LAwrence Davis USN

 If you have an interest in politics, history, adventure stories, or even management theory there is something in this section for you.

 I have been wading through the Naval Interest section for days trying to affix those little miniature book cover icons as hyperlinks to dozens of new titles either recently released or reviewed by the Naval Institute. The icons below illustrate what I'm talking about and they work . They also illustrate my point about the Naval Interest Section not being of interest only to naval professionals.

The task is one of those counter intuitive mind numbing computer tasks that take up an inordinate amount of time. I never seem to catch up in the Naval Interest section, more important works hit the market more often in that section than any other. Frankly Naval Interest is both the messiest and most diversified and interesting section on the site.

 The term "Naval Interest" brings to mind visions of works like the DICTIONARY OF NAVAL TERMS or ordinance and gunnery manuals. But of the 302 titles posted to that section so far the choices include such non naval works as A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME by Stephen Hawkins . Why is this in the Naval Interest section ?  It is just one of many titles on the Chief of Naval Operations' (CNO) "Reading List", a list of books that the CNO recommends to members of the Navy to read in order to broaden their perspectives.


 Do you like historical drama? Join the excellent company of thousands of America's sailors in reading one of these selections from the CNO's list: FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER by Stephen Coontz or THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER  by Tom Clancy, come on now, READ don't just go rent the movie. The Chief of Naval Operations isn't the only senior sea service officer with a reading list, the Commandant of the Marine Corps has one as well. To get young marines reading, one of the Commandant's selections for the young private marines is STAR SHIP TROOPERS, and we do mean the book not the movie. In a more classic vein THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE is also on the Commandant's list.


 The service chief's reading lists contain all sorts of recommendations for various ranks. If you're a serious student of comparative cultures try THE CHRYSANTHEMUM AND THE SWORD: Patterns of Japanese Culture by Ruth Benedict. Are you of a political mind? Join some senior Marines in reading THE PRESIDENCY AND THE MANAGEMENT OF NATIONAL SECURITY. 

 We apologize that the Naval Interest section is in such poor order. One of our most productive book store elves is at sea on his day job, while our most cyber savvy elf is in Costa Rica with only sporatic electromagnetic contact. Og, frankly, is off drinking with some Coast Guard buddies in Mandeville, Louisiana.  So the section is something of a disorganized mess, but the titles and hyper links are there and there is a semblance of logic to the section. We don't want to wait until it is all" ship shape and Bristol fashion" before inviting our non naval professional visitors in. 

You will find some seriously interesting nautical reading in this section, and some readings which are only connected to the nautical world by the recommendation of a Chief of a sea service as a broadening experience. A brief browse in the Naval Interest section may not only put you in touch with some interesting authors, but will also give you a viewing port into the minds of America's sailors and marines, a group that reads far more than the average American, since books are informative, entertaining, and don't need electricity or batteries.  They also travel far more than the average of their countrymen  This combination often makes them far more informed than the average American on many fronts; something to think about the next time you meet a sailor or marine. Come on into our messy but most interesting and fastest growing section, Naval Interest.  Make yourself at home, browse, Naval Interest, its not just for naval professionals anymore. 


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