Saturday, March 23, 2013

3/23/2013 Naval Interest

Vic Socotra Examines North Korea's Threatening Video and Links You To It.

Vic Socotra calls his blog the DAILY SOCOTRA and his mission statement seems to be something about "Glib words for the World". His insights are usually far more than glib. Vic is a  former senior naval intelligence officer who looks at the world through lenses very much like our own. You have read him as a guest blogger here as he explained the War in Texas, and introduced our readers for the first time to Namazu. We often advise our readers that they are missing something important if they don't read their DAILY SOCOTRA. Yesterday we alerted you to the latest lunacy from North Korea, including their new video release. We were planning on linking you to the video itself today but found our friend Vic had already done that yesterday. In addition Vic has posted a pithy commentary on the video based on his first hand experience with North Korea. So instead we will link you to Vic's commentary and video link. Click on the link below and then look for the lead in illustrated below the link.:

March Hares

on March 22nd, 2013
I don’t imagine things can get much stranger, though I have been wrong about that many times. I was waiting for an appointment the other day and did not have the iPad with me, and looked at my alleged smart phone to see if there was a way to waste time.......


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