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     Free Teacher Clipart Do You Sail Right Past The Big Links Locker As You scroll Down Through The Daily Station Identification  And Notice Board To Read The Day's Blog Posts?

American Admiralty Books Safety & Privacy Policies (Attention EU Visitors , possible "cookie" encounter ahead) 

  You could be missing a lot. Remember that the purpose of the American Admiralty Books site is to serve as your gateway to the maritime world. We love to entertain and inform, we call it "infotainment" but that is actually not in our mission statement. We are here to provide encyclopedic treatment of all maritime subjects through our "special pages" which are divided by subject matter such as ADMIRALTY LAW, AUTHORITATIVE LITERATURE, BOAT BUILDING, DIVING, FISHING, SAILING or SURFING etc.. Each section contains an informative but brief narrative on the title subject, free links to websites with more in depth treatment, links to free on line videos, book lists, titles, reviews and recommendations. At the very start of the site we determined that we would link our visitors to the best maritime sites for information to serve as a library more than a " how to" forum. We are meant to be the first stop in doing any sort of maritime research, not the last word. Free Teacher Clipart
Each special interest page is full of useful links to more information. But we like to be as convenient as possible so right at the first place where most visitors land each day we place the Big Links locker. The Big Links Locker is meant to provide exceptionally useful links on just about any maritime subject.right up front. We make no attempt to prolong your time in the"library" when you need to be moving on to more detailed information. The very first link in the Big Links Locker is the most general and broadest, known simply as the "MOTHER OF ALL MARITIME LINKS"  this link takes you to a blog site where the blog mister has been collecting links to every manner of maritime, nautical, or marine recreational activity site that he could find on the Internet. He literally calls it "THE MOTHER OF ALL MARITIME LINKS." We urge you to take a moment and click on the link above and a look at what is on this remarkable site. Explore some of the other links in the "Big Link Locker". You could never collect or store the thousands of links that you can find here sorted by subject matter in the Big Links Locker right at the entrance to the site, or spread out in the special interest pages on your own. But we do and the collection like all collections in our on line library complex grows. We should  always be the first stop for maritime or nautical research be it legal, historical, or technical.

American Admiralty Books Safety & Privacy Policies (Attention EU Visitors , possible "cookie" encounter ahead) 


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