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Fishing Goggles

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You may need more than one color of shades for different fishing conditions. Derived from the Helios Ruehls "Yellow :Lens Project
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All of the sunglasses depicted above and many more are available at Amazon at :AMAZON'S SUN GLASSES SELECTION this link tested and confirmed 10/23/20119. Link retained for your convenience. We are no longer an Amazon Portal and receive no compensation for such links. Any purchase made may be subject to state sales tax depending on where you live. 

 Catching Fish is often a search for structure. Fish like rocks and submerged trees to shelter from current, hide out from predators or hide in as predators in order to ambush prey. To a fish under water structure equals shelter. In the sense that we all need shelter, fish are like people, but wetter. People who want to catch fish need to be able to discern the fish shelters in the watery environment and being people which is to say drier and subject to sun damage, we need to protect our eyes. For just plain old eye protection most any sun glasses will do. But for fish finding its different lenses for different environments. For the longest we were confused and confusion could be expensive when you need prescription sun glasses. Even if you don't need a correction in your lenses, cheap drug store sun glasses generally won't help you discern under water structure. It took us a long while to figure this out but we think we can recommend the following:

1.First and foremost go for polaraized lenses simply tinted lenses won't help much with fish /shelter finding.

2. Invest in more than one pair you need different color lenses for different circumstances such as:

     a. Amber colored lenses are best for fishing shallow flats, beaches, and marshes.

     b.Grey works best for deep water, offshore waters, and very bright sunlight.

     c. yellow, light rose, or amber lenses work for softer light , glare, and cloudy days.

3. So basically you could get away with just two pair of sun glasses for fishing, polarized grey and amber. Style is a matter of individual preference. If you want to do a bit of window shopping without having to go to the mall  try the link provided above to Amazon's shades store. If you need prescription lenses see your eye care professional, if you just need a little magnification for tying lines and baiting hooks or reading charts there are over the counter sun glasses with magnifiers built in similar to the old line bifocals available today. Regardless of what you decide relative to the higher end sunglasses for fishing, you should wear some kind of sun glasses out there for vision protection.  We think you can safely eliminate from your sunglasses inventory blue lenses, or mirrored lenses. These will protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation like the other amber and grey lenses but offer no fish finding advantage.  So goggle up and go get some fish! But don't forget some type of lanyard so those expensive fish goggles don't go in the drink Send us your comments so that we may update our findings.
Johnas Presbyter , Editor

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