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7/22/2013 Station Identification and Notice Board


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                                            MONDAY  JULY 22, 2013

                     Christian Radich | Christian Radich Sail Training Foundation
The Christian Radich is a Norwegian full rigged sailing ship. The steel-hulled , three-masted ship carries a total of about 1360 square meters of sail. She is based in Oslo, Norway and has a crew of 18, and capable of carrying 88 passengers. Photo: Public Domain

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MONDAY JULY 21, 2013   



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UNLOCKING THE MARITIME WORLD: Our mission is literally to  unlock the maritime world by making all English language maritime data easy to find,  available, evaluated when possible, and affordable. We suggest checking our subject pages to your right first, by clicking on the subject section most like your particular interest.  If that doesn't answer your question come back here and click any of the "super links" below that appear most appropriate, the broadest and most general is hyper linked just below. This is an entire web site of nothing but links to maritime websites and blogs of every description.

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Note: The Cornell site when you arrive in the Admiralty section has two tabs : "Overview" and "Resources". If you are doing legal research the "Resources" tab is a fast route into most relevant statutes, and regulations, Supreme Court Cases, and even some state cases.


MARITIME TV: Videos and television broadcasts on all manner of maritime subjects 

Naval History Blog, Joint Effort of the U.S. Naval Institute and the Naval history and heritage Command.



A NAVAL NEWS CLIPPING SERVICE: NOSI Naval Open Source Intelligence: 

OCEANOGRAPHY: The Scripts Institute


SHIPINDEX.ORG Find publications that mention a particular ship recently or deep into recorded history:  limited free service very reasonable short and long term subscriptions.

Boating and Water Safety:
Mario Vittone-BE SAFE


NOTICE BOARD:  In today's blog space (1) Visit our Maritime On Line Shopping Mall construction site, stores are partially stocked and open for business (2) Update on the new Panama Canal Construction

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