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While You've Been Learning To Swim Long Distance, The Sons of the Rising Sun Long Ago Mastered Naval Globe Trotting, And Actually Have Some Real Friends To Visit.

Here Is The Story Of Their Recent Visit To Great Britain

"JDS Kashima, JDS Shirayuki, and JDS Isoyuki are part of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force Training Squadron.
They are visiting Portsmouth this week as part of a global deployment.
With a number of cadets embarked, they will visit the training establishments of HMS Sultan in Gosport and HMS Collingwood in Fareham.
Many of the ship’s officers will also go into the city to meet civic leaders.
Rear-Admiral Fumiyuki Kitagawa told The News: ‘Japan and Great Britain have a history going back hundreds of years.
‘The Royal Navy was the model for the foundation of the Japanese Navy so we are very pleased to be here."

Click on this link for the full story and a short video:
Osprey lands aboard Japanese ships during Dawn Blitz 2013
U.S.Marine Corps Photo
 The Japanese train with their friends, here a U.S. Marine Corps OSPREY lands on the flight deck of the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force ship HYUGA. So Dragon guy, got any real friends? Can't you see that using your naval power to intimidate your neighbors into giving up islands they have every right to while struggling to show your flag around the world is a counter productive naval strategy. Is your globe trotting navy winning friends and influencing people? Well its influencing people to fear the PLAN and to want to see some allied group put it on the bottom of the sea. Simultaneous bullying and diplomatic visiting are self canceling activities. Your forked tongue, sharp teeth, and naval immaturity are showing. 


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