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 We found this article on a website called "Battleland   Military Intelligence for the rest of us." We reprint a photo and a small portion of the article with a hyperlink to the full article in the hopes that you will read the entire article. This is a new development, and not a good one in the deteriorating China / Japan naval relations.

  For those of you used to copying our public domain photography for collage reports and similar purposes we remind you that the photo reproduced below is not in the public domain but belongs to Reuters News Service. Assuming Battleland worked through the usual intellectual property permissions you should be able to use their E-mail button to forward the article on from their website, but use in reports or articles for publication we believe would require direct permission from Reuters New Service.


China Finds a Gap in Japan’s Maritime Chokepoints

Vessels roam the waters of East China Sea during a naval drill
Vessels roam the waters of East China Sea during a naval drill, October 19, 2012.

TOKYO – A flotilla of Chinese warships transited an important ocean strait off Japan’s northernmost island for the first time this week, passing within clear sight of observers onshore.
The PLA Navy vessels had just completed a major training exercise with Russian warships nearby and were using the Soya Strait to head into the far Pacific. It was just the latest Chinese excursion through narrow and potentially-strategic transit points in and around Japan’s home islands, and another example of China’s growing assertiveness in the region.
But here’s the thing: they couldn’t have done it had Japan not decided, some 40 years ago, to claim territorial waters that extend only three miles out to sea, far less than allowed under international law. And, if you guessed that this has something to do with allowing America’s nuclear-armed warships to use those same narrow straits – well, you’re right.

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