Tuesday, July 9, 2013

THE NAMAZU : The Giant Catfish Has Another Career  Going That We Didn't Know About. He Is Now Starring As An Animated Version of Himself In:


  I'm Namazu and I like this film!

Photo: This is a poster I created this poster to promote my animated short, The Namazu.

What do you think?

Watch a Trailer at : http://www.powerlight-studios.com/the-namazu

Editors note: Namazu still demands that cube farm full of research assistants. With this debut as a film star he is going to become even more demanding. If you want to keep him around as an analyst of things maritime we are going to be forced to meet some of his demands. Please buy your books, video, and water sports equipment here as often as possible and please click on our advertisers and patronize them whenever you can. Meeting the demands of talent like Namazu takes money and our Amazon portal and advertisers are our only source of revenues.

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