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  •  Christian Radich | Christian Radich Sail Training Foundation   We're headed to the dry dock for repairs.                      

 This is a "patch" that we have had to resort to due to difficulties in linking to Amazon with our Amazon Associate encoded tag line attached. We discovered that everywhere in the blog where we referred the visitor to the general search engine at Amazon, referrals were entering as unidentified relative to our "portal". The net result is no credit for advertising, no commissions when sales occur and the over all net result has been no income from the blog since December of 2013. You may also note the following link appearing sometimes in lieu of where a book cover icon was located, sometimes along side an existing icon.  We found that we are no longer able to acquire the amazon book cover icons from our "dashboard", that those that remain visible within the special interest pages work but are slowly disappearing, hence the patch of the following link:
 Amazon - Shop. Connect. Enjoy. All from Earth's Biggest Selection. and enter book's title in the search block, follow the prompts

By clicking on either of the links above where it appears in the special interest pages or a blog post you arrive inside Amazon at their general search engine. When you follow this route we are identified as your portal of entry and become eligible for commissions and other forms of income needed to keep the blog up and running. ALL OTHER LINKS WITHIN THE BLOG SUCH AS TO YOUTUBE VIDEOS OF INTEREST, OTHER WEB SITES, GOVERNMENT SITES ETC. ARE FUNCTIONING NORMALLY. Unfortunately no other links generate any revenue. After more than six weeks of investigation we only know that the linkage problems began with a change in Amazon's portal linkage program some months ago. To this day we still haven't determined if the problem is with one of the two "invisible" servers that are between us as a portal and the Amazon site, our failure to pick up on an Amazon change notification and make adjustments, or something else all together. But at zero revenue we can not support this effort very long and so we must resort to a patchwork solution until we can effect the proper correction. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will keep you posted on progress but we anticipate about three weeks to insert the patch work across the entire blog space. We sincerely appreciate the extra steps we may be imposing on our readers for linking into Amazon and preserving our credit as a viable portal. 

We also want to draw your attention to icon/links like the following that are starting to appear in the body of the blog:
 Connect. Enjoy. All from Earth's Biggest Selection.                             Shop Amazon Gift Cards. Any Occasion. No Expiration.

                                                                Shop Amazon - Find the Value of Your Gadgets             shop Amazon - Trade In with Three Easy Steps                                                           


Shop Amazon - Up to 25% Off Select Baseball Gloves from Rawlings           Shop Amazon Gold Box - New Deals. Everyday 
Promotion ends April 26, 2014

Shop Amazon - Gifts for the Graduating Musician

 These are special Amazon promotions that members of their "Associates" program are allowed to run. We started our "Shopping Mall" in an attempt to keep advertising away from the main body of the blog, while trying to drive up revenues by encouraging our readers to make some of their general purchases of things other than books through our Amazon portal. Almost no traffic has utilized the Shopping Mall and we are forced to reconsider the idea. In the mean time these special promotions allow us to market non book merchandise. Unfortunately these are also patch work. We are able to obtain the links (Example: Shop Amazon Gold Box - New Deals. Everyday )with our portal tag intact but the image of the promotion as an icon link we can't receive. So please if interested in one of these promotions click on the link below the promotion illustration.

 We have a big mess on our hands and no additional staff to deal with it. We do not anticipate a quick solution. However you our readers, visitors, and visiting researchers are in a position to help us stay up on the internet. Here is how:

1. Please continue to visit daily, the number of blog posts and book reviews may slow down for a while but there will still be daily changes. Useful information and "how to" links will continue to increase and are generating nothing like our portal linkage issues.

2. If there is anything at all that you need and are considering shopping the internet for, please enter Amazon through our portal, via any of the general search engine links provided such as:Connect. Enjoy. All from Earth's Biggest Selection.  

Thank You for your patience with our technical difficulties and for visiting today, anytime that you visit. Please continue to click in as often as you can, we deeply appreciate your interest.

Johnas Presbyter, Editor 

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