Monday, April 7, 2014


Argentina to Host Russian Military Bases While America Sleeps


"Argentina, South America’s second largest country, has agreed to host Russian military bases on the South American continent. Long a political ally of militant Islam, Argentina seeks to bring economic relief to the region. Argentina, and its close ally, Venezuela, have long been on friendly terms with Iran and this latest move opens the door to another political foe of the United States." Story in the LIBERTY VOICE

Unfortunately Argentina isn't the only place in the Americas where Russia is seeking bases. Published reports in South America say that Putin is seeking to create military bases in Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Argentina. All four countries are close partners of Moscow. Some are friendly with Iran. This is an amazingly stupid move by all involved. By hosting a military base for Russia Argentina has placed the entire hemisphere in danger. Russia has no need for any bases in the Americas except to attack the United States from. In a war between the United States and Russia, with Russian bases in South America there is no way that all of South and Central America won't become a battle ground. 

Putin is a thug leader of a thug state, he is only doing what the village idiot has invited him to do; no true thug would by pass such an opportunity. It didn't take him long after the defensive gates were thrown open in November. "In a speech before the Organization of American States in November, US Secretary of State John Kerry announced the ending of the Monroe Doctrine. Saying that the relationship which America seeks and has worked to foster is “…not about a United States declaration…”  "in regard to how it will interfere in the affairs of other countries in the hemisphere." (From the LIBERTY VOICE article) .

We again remind readers who are angry with the present administration for recklessly, negligently, and stupidly endangering our lives and freedom that "Treason" is very narrowly defined in U.S. law. Treason in U.S. law is limited to giving aid and comfort to the enemy in war time. Helping a determined potential enemy with their future war plans and strategic positioning doesn't count. Stupidity and amateurism doesn't count. While we don't see the Republicans as any real solution, if America puts another Democrat in public office anywhere, the end is near. Vote for Republicans if you have to but do not give the village idiot in the White House another vote in Congress, turn out all the democrats at every opportunity. 

 Eventually the republicans will fracture along Tea Party / moderate lines. Those with common sense within the Democratic tent will organize a new party and these socialists idiots will go find a home in a lunatic fringe party where they belong, and the roles of the two political parties that have brought us to the brink of disaster will end in a probably temporary multi- party  system that will last until the liberal and conservative elites decide to fund a single party that they feel they can again mold to their liking.  America can not be effectively governed until the people stop being consumers of the politics of the elites and start becoming political actors who vote, every time there is an opportunity, turn a deaf ear to the media, and advertising campaigns, demand pragmatic solutions from their office holders, and back up their personal vote with small personal contributions to political campaigns they favor,frequently crossing major party lines. 

 That may never happen but by casting the Democrats out and holding the Republicans feet to the fire we could enter an interim period involving some return to common sense. During such a period there is a lot of damage control to do. We will enter it surrounded by enemies, our economy in shambles, our foreign relations shattered, our reputation horrifically damaged. But we will enter it with more oil and gas than anyone. If the Soviet Union was able to emerge from bankruptcy and utter discredit to reemerge as modern Russia, just as big and bad as ever,; in just twenty years on the strength of oil; the U.S. should be able to work real miracles in just five years if we can rid our selves of the village idiots in D.C.

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