Monday, April 7, 2014

Update 3/9/15 They should be there by now but our Southern sea borders are still wide open to ship-born missile attack.  7/15/2015 links checked

US to Send More Missile Defense Ships to 

Japan Amid North Korea, China Tensions

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EDITOR'S NOTE: We owe Japan they have restrained their military armament for roughly 70 years based on the promise of U.S. protection. Unfortunately now that the Obama Administration and the Government of Argentina have literally invited Russia into the America's it is time to take note that we have no missile defenses along our Southern borders. The fastest way to get one would be to deploy Agis anti missile system equipped war ships along our Gulf Coast and in the Pacific off of San Diego. We should also have some patrolling off of Argentina now at all times. But we are still shrinking our fleet, and have just sent some of these ships to bolster Europe's anti missile defenses. We are running out of inventory as we are being surrounded. We must start a naval expansion now, particularly these missile defense ships.   


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