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Welcome Aboard We Hope You Have Clicked In Today!  You Are Our First Recorded Visitors From Moldova.

 We sincerely hope that you are able to read us in English due to our experience with translation programs. We have found that computer generated translations often are basically inaccurate and fail miserably at humor, satire, and similar uses of the original language of any computer translated document. Fortunately we publish in English which is the most popular second language in the World; so indeed we seem to have many visitors from nations where English is not an official language. We are very happy to have you aboard. For the other members of our community of regular readers who may not be familiar with Moldova we suggest a quick visit to these sites to brush up on this interesting nation's history , culture, geography, and economy. 

 In a nut shell for our readers who don't have time for the full descriptions in the links above, here are the most important points from our perspective. 

(1) Moldova doesn't have an actual coast on the Black Sea and is "land locked" though that is not exactly totally true since she has river navigation to the Black Sea via short connections that do run through foreign coastal territory. The Danube is an "international river" under accepted international law and supports rather considerable commercial navigation as indicated by the photo below of part of the port of Giurgiulesti-Harbour.

Giurgiulesti Harbour on the Danube In Moldova Photo by Spiridon Ion Cepleanu used under license: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

(2) Moldova has a long summer / mild winter, temperate climate and has lots of beautiful rivers and lakes. 

(3) Given Moldova's proximity to the Black Sea and the Ukraine and its dependence on an international river for sea borne trade we are not surprised that there is an interest in naval and merchant marine affairs among some segments of the nation's populace. Given their climate and water resources we are sure that Moldova has its share of fishermen, boaters, and divers and other recreational fresh water users. We hope all of those who are able to read our site in English within  Moldova with marine or maritime interests find useful information here. 

(4) Moldova is a former Soviet Satellite state that is actively seeking EU membership. About Moldavia. U.S. Senator John McCain has said"

We support and trust in you”, American Senator John McCain said at a meeting with Prime Minister Iurie Leanca, in Chisinau today, the government’s communication and media relations department has reported.

Moldova has a relatively small Russian minority and is understandably nervous about the aggressive tactics used by Russia to take by force parts of the Ukraine. A small area of Moldova has been taken over by separatists who now call the region  "Transnistria" and the Russian government supports this separation. It appears that Russia is intent on marching up to the border of the EU. Moldova would like to be on the EU side of that border before the jack boots arrive.

 The Russians now pretty much control the Black Sea. The bad news for the Bear is that once outside the Black Sea they have no where to go if the EU and NATO choose to oppose them. The Black Sea fleet of Russia even with the recent absorption of the Ukraine Navy must pass through some very narrow passages to go anywhere. Beyond the Black Sea the largest most powerful naval power on Earth is still the NATO fleet and it can sortie to sea from many ports often with no narrows to pass through. By constantly bullying its neighbors of the Black Sea  Russia is building a climate of fear while growing a thug culture within the Russian government and populace. We believe that NATO and the EU must face the fact that if the line isn't drawn somewhere soon. The Ukraine is lost as we predicted, if we are lucky the Russians may leave a narrow strip of it to the ethnic Ukrainians.  The West was caught flatfooted. We urge the EU to immediately accept Moldova's membership application and to encourage an EU member Moldova to become a formal member of the NATO alliance. We feel that if the EU drags its heels on this the Bear will be sitting on the Polish border. If an invasion of an actual long standing EU/NATO member is not fully opposed by NATO /EU forces the Bear won't stop until it sits on the edge of the English Channel. As the bear moves into Europe rest assured it will repeat its past behavior by displacing much of the native populations and replacing them with ethnic Russians. Even if ultimately expelled from areas it has been allowed to conquer, the bear will be back in 20 years just as it is now making the same claims. Stop the Bear now, admit Moldova to the EU. 

 Well, we can't control all of that, but to our new readers in Moldova we can say on our own behalf here at the AAB....


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