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File:Boeing 777-200ER Malaysia AL (MAS) 9M-MRO - MSN 28420 404 (9272090094).jpg Boeing 777-200ER Malaysia AL (MAS) 9M-MRO - MSN 28420/40. Photo by Laurent ERRERA from L'Union, France, license: Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license-additional restrictions may apply.

"KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) - The countries searching for the missing Malaysian jet are assessing a claim by a resource survey company that it found possible plane wreckage in the northern Bay of Bengal, Malaysia's defense minister said Tuesday.
The location is far from where the underwater and surface search has been concentrated for weeks. Australia-based GeoResonance Pty Ltd. stressed that it is not certain it found the Malaysia Airlines plane missing since March 8, but it called for its findings to be investigated." Story by AP, published on AOL: Read More

EDITORIAL OPINION: No one can be sure if the findings of GeoResonance are in fact the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 without additional investigation. The evidence is highly indirect but much more reliable than the layman in forensics and remote sensing technology might think. It is slightly reminiscent of the indirect way that astronomers detect and describe distant planets too small and too distant for direct observation. Planet hunters look for changes detectable in the observable star's  light spectrum and projection that would normally be caused by an orbital body like a planet.  After detection of such preliminary signs they intensify their observations until they pick up such anomalies in the incoming light spectrum that give an indication of the size and composition of the planet ( gaseous, rocky, etc.), and its orbital distance from the observable star. In a like manner GeoResonance reviewed its multi-spectral analysis records of the Bay of Bengal and found anomalies indicative of aviation fuel, and typical air craft metals that were absent on earlier readings and then showed up in later readings close to the date of the disappearance of flight 370. The problem that most flight reconstruction experts have with the location is that it is so far off the linear plots projected from the last reliable sensor data on the flight.
 We however think the location is right on target for one of the two places we have always suspected the air craft or its remains would be found. We believe that the rapid ascent to above cabin pressure altitude and rapid descent repeated several times were deliberate maneuvers designed to kill or disable passengers and crew , assuming no colluding crew, after the terrorists gained control of the cockpit. We think that this maneuver signals that this was no suicide by a fanatic or depressed pilot or co-pilot. The object of the well planned and technically astute operation was to get the plane for future use in an enhanced 9/11 type attack on Western interests. The passengers were simply in the way, not wanted as hostages, just killed , justified in the minds of these fiends as "collateral damage" in securing a major component in what they saw as the fabrication of a weapon of mass effect , if not mass destruction. We suspect that the destination was some place in the deserts of Iran, where the airliner would be reworked for its ultimate mission. To get there the airliner would have had to change it's signal to something that would not arouse the suspicion of Indian air traffic control. By making a southern diversion and descending to low altitude the hijackers mimicked a probable crash. They then could have made a dogleg, emerging from their automatic tracking / identification radio silence to "squawking"  like an air cargo over flight of India. The biggest problem in this scenario is that it is a tight squeak on fuel and we may assume that an in air aircraft  to aircraft refueling was not planned.  
 The plan may have revolved around some mix of fuel conservative flying techniques and some sort of improvised addition of small amounts of fuel smuggled onto the air craft probably in the cargo bay, which the hijackers could access at the low altitude of the flight immediately after the turn away from Australia and towards India. If anything went wrong, the plane would probably run out of fuel somewhere near or over India. If the hijackers were willing to commit suicide  in order to preserve some back up team's future attempt at acquiring complete control of an airliner for modification and future attack usage, then if it became obvious that they had not conserved or added enough fuel to over fly India they may well have  decided to ditch in the Bay of Bengal, but in any way that would make it easy to identify the air craft and with no intention of preserving any lives. 
 Again, our proposed sequence of events and terrorist intentions is speculative and flies in the face of the apparent "hard evidence'.  But our experience in maritime search and rescue  efforts tells us that aviation tracking radar doesn't really give us the point of impact of a downed aircraft but rather the point where its flight path dips below the radar. We have to factor in  a "glide path" to determine a likely "datum point" below the lowest level of the aviation tracking radar to use as a starting point for a search.  At the point that the searchers have been using as the "datum point" off of Australia, the plane still would have had a lot of fuel. Our suggested scenario, and that is all that it is, a suggested scenario; simply has the plane in controlled flight beyond the presently accepted datum point which we feel is a distinct possibility. Consequently we urge that the site suggested by GeoResonance be thoroughly, physically checked out.  If it turns out that the final resting place of flight 370 has been found that shouldn't be the end of the investigation.  If Flight 370 is in the Bay of Bengal then our scenario is more probably than not true and the destination was a remote air field in Iran for conversion work and eventual employment in a high profile terrorist mission. 
 That means that the master minds have learned valuable lessons from this attempt and are already planning a second attempt. Western intelligence needs to pull out all of the stops to find the conspirators and operational; teams involved. If Flight 370 is found in the Bay of Bengal this is way bigger than anything Malaysia could possibly do on its own. The West needs to rally around Malaysia and stick  with our friends down there until all is known and counter measures taken. We've said it before, Malaysia is on the freedom's front line and punching way beyond their weight class. It was mostly their families who were lost, and the airliner operated under their flag, but this is not their problem alone. Freedom loving peoples need to rally around Malaysia now. We think it highly unlikely that the disappearance of flight 370 was the result of the act of a single mad man, or suicidal flight deck officer. We think that plane was going to be taken somewhere and put to no good purpose.

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