Friday, April 4, 2014


U.S. To Skip China Fleet Review After Japan Shunned

 Namazu, our senior maritime analyst with an update on an earlier observation and opinion

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 Previously in my post THE DRAGON SHOWS ITS PETTY SIDE
I lamented the sorry decision by China to exclude Japan from a festive fleet review that it had planned to accompany the Pacific Naval Symposium which is to be held in Qingdao this month. We were alerted by our own sources early Friday that the U.S. has made the decision to pull its participating ship out of the review. Unfortunately the U.S. will be attending and participating in the symposium, and the senior U.S. participant as far as we know at this point Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will be attending the review. According to one media report by Reuters Japan will also be participating in the Symposium but is not invited to even attend the review. 

 I renew my call to the nations of the region to boycott the review, pull your ships and if you attend the symposium which has been long planned by international participants, boycott the review. If China is going to use an international naval review held in conjunction with an internationally planned symposium to embarrass and attempt to punish Japan for resisting the Dragon's illegal violations of her maritime zone and offshore island sovereignty, let China parade alone in her shame! 

 The Dragon is actively and aggressively pursuing territorial claims for islands, water bottoms, fisheries and mineral rights within the recognized exclusive economic zones of many of the symposium participants. While the Middle Kingdom tries to bind all to herself to discuss common issues such as piracy, search and rescue, and safety at sea, she uses the opportunity not to demonstrate cooperation but supremacy. Let the dragon go play boat games by her self on Fleet Review Day. This is an excellent low threat, non confrontational way to demonstrate displeasure with the Dragon's behavior and to demonstrate solidarity among those the Dragon threatens. In containing a thug state you must all hang together or surely you will hang separately.

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