Thursday, January 31, 2013

1/31/2013 Updated 8/18/2016

Iran Proposes Establishment of Islamic Military Alliance

Iran proposed on Saturday that Muslim countries establish a joint military organization to defend each other should the need arise. 
“We have repeatedly said that Iran is ready to transfer its military and defense capabilities to Muslim countries. Whatever we have belong to all Muslim countries,” Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said during a meeting with a number of Quran reciters serving at military organizations across the country. 
He said, “The doctrine of the Islamic Republic of Iran is based on extensive cooperation with Muslim countries, and we believe that Muslim countries must defend their (countries) themselves, and this is why we proposed the establishment of an organization made up of Muslim countries.” 

SOURCE: Tehran Times


 Namzu says: " You English Speaking Bipeds  need to take a serious look at this latest proposal from one of the most dangerous Rogue states. Not every Muslim country will rally to the call of Iran. Iran is Persian and not Arab, the Koran is written in Arabic and originates in what is now Saudi Arabia. So Iran is an upstart in claiming some primacy in Muslim theology or political leadership.  However, they will attract a number of Rogue States, Failed States, and they already support the most violent criminal non governmental organizations around. 

 The Dragon represents the Middle Kingdom and without conquering Taiwan, apparently has it doing its' bidding against Japan and the U.S..   The Dragon is the ancient "Middle Kingdom" and intends to not only absorb all of the maritime territory and high seas in the China Seas but to draw all of South East Asia into its sphere of not just influence , but command. So far few of China's neighbors with the possible exception of Taiwan are buying the Dragon's ploy, but the Dragon works at it daily. Now Iran proposes to unite all of the Muslim world behind their banner. They won't succeed but they will attract a few loose ends to their insanity. 

 Their promise to put their defense in the hands of a larger "Muslim" league and share all of their defense technology is a thinly veiled invitation to share whatever nuclear weapon capability they may have or develop. This is a totally new development in the world. Back during the Cold War the Western Alliance and the Soviet Union both were deterred from using Nuclear weapons out of fear and respect for the devastating nation, if not planet killing power they represented. That deterrence known as "mutually assured destruction" kept the Cold War somewhat cold.  Iran and all those attracted to Iran want to immediately use nuclear weapons as soon as they can get their hands on them. Through their cooperation with "Criminal Non Government Organizations" (CNGOs) they hope to escape punishment for the use by creditable denial.  ("It wasn't us it was al Qaida"). Al Qaida will use nuclear weapons as soon as they can obtain them wherever and whenever they can. Remember that you don't need an intercontinental missile or bomber to deliver a nuclear weapon, it can come in any vehicle , vessel, or plane large enough to carry a few steamer trunks.

 In the face of growing alliances of Thug States with rogue states, and separate alliances of Rogue States, Failed States, and CNGOs, is suggesting a much stronger English Speaking Alliance and naval union such a bad idea? There are plenty of well run non English speaking governments on the face of the earth and all are eventually going to be threatened by the Thug/Rogue combinations. Regional alliances like NATO and SEATO and ANZUS help. But at the core of it all, The English speaking nations are the only ones with the real cultural adhesion and lack of language barriers, and pre-existing military technical interoperability to provide a core for the rest of the "Free World" to rally around. Freedom of the seas is threatened as are the "rights of man". The world needs the English speaking community of nations to become a unified unshakable core for the resistance, ....again.

Editor's note: 8/18/2016 al Qaida has been eclipsed in the news by ISIS but is still very much alive especially in Iran where it is protected. al Qaida as well as ISIS has threatened to attack commercial shipping in the Mediterranean and to help flood Europe with "refugees" laced with agents of Islamic terrorist organizations. 

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