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1/31/2013 Namazu Speaks to The English Speaking Peoples Part 3




Hello again English speaking bipeds. In the past couple of days we have described Thug States, Punk States, and  Rogue States and how they interact to over tax the naval capabilities of freedom loving peoples, chief among them the English speaking democracies. You English speaking bipeds have been conditioned by your general infotainment media to believe that some sort of new world order emerged after the Cold War. Actually there was just a pause in the relentless attacks on human freedom , freedoms which look an awful lot like "the traditional rights of Englishmen", while the key enemies of freedom realigned. With the Communist government and party bankrupted by the team of Reagan/ Thatcher, Russia was quiet for a time while it made the shift to state/crony capitalism and criminal organization. Then Russia received a real fiscal shot in the arm by the discovery of exportable quantities of oil.

File:Thatcher - Reagan c872-9.jpg                         
The Dynamic Commie Fighting Duo                                          Namazu famous admirer of the Dynamic Duo
Photo Courtesy of the Reagan Library

China of course never experienced the fall of the Communist Party, they are still in power, but any ideas of communal society have been abandoned again for a mix of aggressive state and crony capitalism. The Russian Space Agency launches missiles with the sides emblazoned with the Dominos Pizza logos. China's "Peoples's Army" is supported in part by actual businesses owned by the Army. The English speaking peoples, condemned for decades by these two societies as the heartless capitalists, enjoy a much broader security net than the peoples of supposedly "Communists  China". The English speaking peoples are suffering financial difficulties at the moment basically because their governments chose guns and butter. The leading thug states always simply chose guns. This is part of the reason for China's maritime land grab. While some Chinese cities enjoy a growing prosperity, poverty is still grinding and the gap between the rich and the poor widens, with party officials being among the richest of the rich. By blaming the lack of butter on someone other than the one party authoritarian government the one party by any name stays in power longer. With luck great numbers of the people will start to believe that Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam and other neighbors "stole the Chinese patrimony", at the behest of the United States. We described the natural affinity between the Thug states and the Punk states in a previous missive. We also likened the relationship between the Thug/Punk states and the Rogue states as akin to the use of deranged psychopaths occasionally by Mafia Dons in their collection of foot soldiers. The relationship between the Thug states and the Non Governmental Criminal and Terrorist organizations is very much like their relationships with the Rogue States and is often carried out through the Rogue States. 

 NGOs or Non Governmental Organizations include a broad spectrum of organizations. Some like the International Red Cross are benign and useful. Some like Green Peace are well meaning but occasionally endanger the very environment they mean to protect.  Others like many UN humanitarian organizations are well intended but grossly ineffective.  But others like al Qaeda or the IRA , or the Zetas are simply driven by criminal or ideological/criminal intent. Our focus in this discussion is on the criminally inclined NGOs which we will distinguish from the merely benign, ineffective, or well intended but erratic by the acronym CNGO or criminal nongovernmental organization(s). At this stage of the War on Freedom by the Thug States these CNGOs are often the point of the spear. One of the most fearful things about China's naked naval aggression is that it marks a definite escalation  in the Thug State War on Freedom. Thug state actions in the China Seas don't hide behind the plausible denial facade of the CNGOs. In the China Seas the actual Thug State's navy is out front and center and actual Thug State officials are issuing warnings , however thinly veiled to neighbors and to English speaking allies and protectors of the Dragon's neighbors. 

CNGOs were used to trouble the Western Alliance throughout the Cold War.  They have been a plague to Great Britain for more than half a century, and generated countless problems across the Southwest Border of the United States for decades. But on September 11, 2001 the CNGO al Qaeda attacked the United States killing thousands of innocent civilians in New York, and striking a blow at the epicenter of U.S. military organization at the Pentagon. To hit the very heart of the most powerful English speaking nation on earth and to cause thousands of deaths and a years long drop in their stock market, disrupt air travel , and force the nation into a wartime like defensive posture for an expenditure of just a few thousand dollars and a loss of fewer than a dozen terrorist lives was unheard of. In far too many places in the Muslim World there was dancing in the streets, alerting us for the first time of the inroads into the Muslim world the hateful ideology of Iran and al Qaeda have made. The dancing in the streets told us how far and wide al Qaeda's support system and range of free movement were. 

 However, the evidence of collusion by the Taliban then governing Afghanistan was clear and unmistakable. The United States aided by ground and air forces of Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, France, and Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Norway's "European Participating Air Force" and the contributions of many concerned states including Muslim states (link to complete list of participants in Operation enduring Freedom:) 

quickly routed the Taliban and displaced them with a new Afghanistan government that joined the war effort and will inherit the apparently never ending security operation when the coalition forces withdraw next year. During operation Enduring Freedom even China provided some mine clearance training and police training to Afghan security personnel and Russia provided  medical units and some special forces participation.  It should be noted that while the Thug states are quite willing to make indirect use of CNGOs to further their goals, they usually keep themselves one step removed by dealing with them only when necessary and through punk or rogue states clients that shelter these CNGOs.  The al Qaeda have a special hatred for the Russians and don't like any Communists generally due to their atheism. So occasionally it is to the advantage of the thug states to build credibility with the freedom loving states by throwing in a token contribution to efforts to contain certain CNGO threats. 

 If you do follow the link to all of the participants and contributors to Operation enduring Freedom you can't miss the Muslim states that contributed, the former soviet Union States that contributed or even provided troops as participants. Normally non aligned, India provided naval escorts for supporting allied naval units in the Arabian Sea and despite the fact they are hard pressed to grow their own armed forces lent aircraft to in theater participants. The whole world it seemed came to the effort to expel al Qaeda. But that wasn't the immediate reaction. Pay attention English speaking bipeds to the sequence of events. Immediately after the attacks most of the world made expressions of sympathy for the United States, even some of the Muslim nations where rejoicing in the streets was observed. Moderate governments everywhere began to fear this particular CNGO. The United States was able to make a compelling case for the fact that al Qaeda was aided and abetted in the attack by the Taliban government of Afghanistan. Ready to go it alone if need be the United States announced its avowed intention of rolling over the Taliban regime. The world that had expressed such sympathy did not beat a path to the White House to offer support at first. First Great Britain offered immediate and real assistance including ground troops , then Australia did the same making the effort a three nation endeavor established its international credentials and the world started contributing. 

 Note this English speaking bipeds. In the case of al Qaeda which had made trouble for many inside the Muslim world for years the first attack to draw world attention and condemnation was against the most powerful English speaking democracy. The first nations to take up arms and come to the aid of the United States were middle power English speaking nations with strong naval and expeditionary warfare traditions. Cultural affinity and common language facilitate rapid response. The English speaking world has that, the rest of the freedom loving world belong to no such powerful common language and cultural group. More over, the English speaking nations have a powerful naval tradition that is hundreds of years deep. No other group of people on earth could so readily form a powerful naval union ready to move out on a moment's notice and turn on a dime on directions from a central command. But there is no central command and little deliberate coordination of foreign policy that would create trust in such a central naval coordination command. If the English speaking people don't take advantage of their natural advantages for naval power there is no other force on earth capable of bucking the power of the Thug States and their fellow travelers, the Punk States, Rogue States , the Failed States ( we will address the failed states along with the rise of piracy in the near future). If the English speaking people can unite and face the fact that freedom is again on the block from a thinly disguised alliance of enemies, the rest of the freedom loving world will rally to their aid. The non English speaking democracies and democratic republics are short on real powers out side of France and Germany which often appear dedicated to a vision of freedom aligned with the English Speaking nations. But the French and German speaking worlds have only a few serious middle powers. While France and Germany are presently exhibiting unusual cooperation in the EU, the French and German speaking worlds are culturally very different and their intertwined histories not without major issues. Italy a reliable NATO member, faces a host of seaborne threats and maintains credible coast guard and naval forces but has no common language community of nations to call on to jump start any combined military action in the face of aggression. The Freedom loving world all too often has to wait for a weakening and too loosely bound English speaking community of nations to start the action. 

 Must the Zatas take over Texas and the IRA take over Northern Ireland, and al Qaeda recapture Afghanistan before the English speaking world wakes up to the danger of the CNGOs and sees the relationship between the CNGOs and the Thug States that drive the unrest. Naval strength and closely coordinated foreign policy and naval/military operations among the English speaking states won't convince the Thug States to kill off their mad dog accomplices, frankly their degree of separation is simply too wide to allow for such a fast solution.  But by being strong enough to deter the present naval aggression by the Thug states, we discourage their tacit support of the CNGOs through their client Punk and Rogue States who in turn run short of capital to support CNGOS and find their support of CNGOs to be causing their increasing isolation. Fast reaction expeditionary English speaking coordinated conventional naval power can reduce the CNGO support system down to a point that the CNGOs can be reasonably dealt with by the world's police services. As long as the Thug states believe that a day is coming when they can sweep aside the combined naval power of the English speaking nations their behavior will continue and includes plausible deniability support for the CNGOs that plague free societies.

 English Speaking Bipeds, are you listening? We'll speak again later.


Editorial note: Under Namazu's contract we are not allowed to edit his words. We do find him at times to be a bit abrasive. We apologize if anyone is offended. But we have found that even when he states his case with a bit more force and less political correctness than we'd like.....he is usually right. Some people may read him because they hate him, some because they love him, but what our board of directors point to in requiring the editorial staff to honor his contract provisions is simply the fact that people in increasing numbers, every time he appears in our pages, do in fact, read him.  Keep in mind that he is a 3,000 year old catfish roughly the size of Japan and used to being worshiped as a demigod, you generally have to expect some attitude.

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