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4/10/2013 How Far Will The Dragon Swim?
1/11/2015 Editor's Note: since this post was published the Chinese have exchanged port calls with India but India has also entered the China seas and exercised with both Japan and the Philippines. Still maintaining her steadfast neutrality the Indian Navy continues to build skills and demonstrate skilled interoperability with Free World Naval Forces.


The Indian Tiger Is Being Approached By The Dragon Seeking Friendship, Don't Buy It Tigers. The Dragon Just Doesn't Want You Siding With The Philippines And Japan While They Are Stealing Their Neighbor's Islands. Later, When They Seek Dominance In The Indian Ocean, The Dragon Wants You Friendless.

Observe The Forked Tongue of the Dragon

A Thaw In The Cards? Chinese Warship Likely To Visit An Indian Port In 2013

Editor's Note: According to India Today the Chinese Navy is apparently making friendly overtures to India in the same week the Dragon is invading Philippine air space with war planes, announcing that it is opening islands that they don't own to tourism, and increasing pressure on the Japanese. A few months ago India announced that it would defend its interests in oil in the China Seas if necessary and Chinese-Indian naval relations took a down turn. By all means let the dragon visit but use the opportunity to make it clear that you will still defend your rights  beyond the Indian Ocean. There will be no oil development in the near by China seas while there is no peace. China will not allow peace until it controls all of the oil including that which belongs to Vietnam, the Philippines, and Japan. Look at the chart that China has published of its claimed EEZ, off of the Philippines its more than 900 miles from any part of the Chinese mainland, and within sight of Philippine beaches. If India assures China of non intervention the last thing holding China in place is fear of the U.S.Japan alliance. With the U.S. in sequestration suffering massive governmental budget crisis and chronic governmental indecision, the U.S. shield may not look that strong to China. The Dragon is miscalculating badly. The U.S. Navy still packs plenty of punch. War with Japan or the Philippines is war with the U.S.. Starting a war with the U.S. ends the U.S. debt to China at a time when in fact manufacturing is returning to the U.S.. But the dragon isn't thinking along those lines. It is starting to believe that it can write off U.S. power leaving only one other combined force superior to its own, the combination of India and Japan. So they seek to neutralize the Tiger. Tigers, this is your moment! World peace hinges on your standing firm on your announced decision to project naval power into the China Sea in defense of your interests. Don't listen to the Dragon's offer to insure your interests through conquest of its neighbors maritime territories. They will have new lies to tell you when its your beach they are operating off of. Below is a lead in and links to the relevant story in the India Times.

"A Chinese warship is likely to visit an Indian port sometime this year, the first such port of call in 12 years.

Senior defence sources said one of the Chinese warships engaged in anti-piracy patrols would call on Kochi. The modalities of this visit are currently being worked out. It points to a thaw between the two countries particularly in the naval dimension.

"There has been a noticeable uptake in our relations with China in recent months," senior defence sources told India Today.

A visit by defence secretary Shashikant Sharma to Beijing this January cleared the decks for resumption of military exercises.

Both countries have been trying to prevent a maritime confrontation at sea, particularly over the South China Sea which China claims as its own.

In 2011, an Indian naval warship off Vietnam was challenged by a broadcast that told it was transiting through Chinese waters. In December 2012, navy chief Admiral D.K. Joshi said India would protect its assets in the South China Sea........."

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