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4/4/2013 Naval Interest/General Interest


 In a recent article three different "authorities" propose three different solutions. None rival Namazu's proposal of a few days ago basically "embrace the madness", prepare for war and most especially be prepared to use tactical nuclear weapons on opening day. Of course Namazu strongly urges us to take the first hit and not fire first. But the old catfish says he knows madmen when he sees them so we should stop the  wishful thinking and realize that nothing reasonable that we can do will stop the idiots who run the madhouse from constantly running things to the brink. It is inevitable that they will step over the line. So in one sense Namazu agrees with the expert who says ignore them, up to a point. The great catfish wouldn't keep matching their threats with highly visible U.S. military moves, just get quietly ready for all out war immediately and accept that unless the unarmed populace of North Korea hangs their present leadership from a lamp post the whole place will have to be turned into a glow in the dark parking lot.

North Korea
Kim Jong-Un, Boy Wonder Supreme Leader of North Korea

NBC News has published an article describing three suggested ways of handling North Korea. A lead in and link to the full story is below:

"North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's brinkmanship is in full bloom. He's ordered the missiles prepped, dismissed the armistice and announced plans to bring a nuclear reactor back on line.
The U.S. response -- a restrained show of force by fighter jets and warships, along with comments that simultaneously decry and downplay the threat -- has not stopped the threats.
Foreign-policy analysts agree the situation is troubling, though there's a deep difference of opinion on what approach would convince Kim to play nice. ":  LINK TO FULL ARTICLE BELOW

Namazu, 3000 year old Japanese giant catfish, former demigod turned maritime political analysts
We asked Namazu what he thought of the NBC article:

 "This is the best anyone can up with at the moment? Three "experts" with three radically different approaches, none of which seem certain will work? Perhaps now you see why I advised "embrace the madness, prepare for war". Today Little Kim broke off the last element of cooperation between the North and the South and 50,000 people out of a town of 200,000 of his own people are out of work.  If things continue along these lines he will step over the line and commit a real act of war that must be responded to with force.

  He is head of state and government and has directly threatened the United States with nuclear attack. Even if the opening shot is conventional America should be immediately prepared to respond with tactical nuclear weapons. This is not a second Korean War this is the second round of a continuing Korean War, it has to stop this time. North Korea must be reduced to the stone age and if little Kim survives he should be hanged. The United States if forced to reduce North Korea to the stone age should not rebuild it. It should be reunited under the government of the South and they should have primary responsibility for the reunification, rebuilding just as West Germany had to rebuild into Germany after a half century of communist misrule of the East. 

 Believe me I didn't come to this conclusion as some knee jerk reaction to the provocations of that little snit Kim Jong-Un. The NBC article reflects some of the alternatives I considered and rejected. America really can't afford to play mind games with crazy people. No more matching his aggressive moves with showy one time military shows of force. Don't respond to what he says. Just accept the fact that he will eventually be removed from power or he will actually start a war. We should simply prepare for war daily , quietly, and insure our war plan is such that this is the last "Korean War", that means the reduction of North Korea to ashes in days.

 America must be aware that some of the leadership in China has a screw lose too and they could use a Korean break out as cover for a land grab in the Philippines, and Japan. So you have to be prepared for a naval war in the China Seas, it would be a lot easier to deal with that serially, wipe out North Korea with fire power then deal with the Chinese Navy in a way designed to hopefully keep the conflict naval in character. Of course the Straits of Hormuz will erupt while this is going on and Syria et al will generate more trouble.All of the enemies of the U.S. are well aware that the combined effects of the demand for the post war "peace dividend", and Congressional budget games done in ignorance of how the world really works have combined to shrink our Navy, once approaching 600 war ships, to less than 300. Our Navy is woefully inadequate to what is about to erupt despite its apparent technological superiority. "some times quantity has a quality all its own".

 Its time for America  to quit pipe dreaming and face the reality. Unless you are an absolutely incapable of defeat military power with true global reach, the only other hope for peace in this "new world order" is under a jack boot. Forget equality between and among the military services the first reaction team is the Navy/Marine Corps team. If you American bipeds have to save money do so in the Army and Air Force budgets building more less expensive reserve power and reducing expensive regular forces. What the times demand is a naval build up, if you fail at that, You will have to have a build up across the board because you will be hip deep in a kind of World War III.

 Besides the U.S. Constitution that document so ignored in Washington these days requires the Congress to maintain a navy. But it only authorizes Congress to raise an army.
Yes you do need big non naval forces, but you aren't supposed to have appropriations for those forces that go beyond two years. This plus your national history suggest that the bulk of the Army and its off shoot the Air Force should be reserve forces. Well trained, well equipped, but held in reserve with the lesser continuing costs.   Our enemies; thug states, failed and failing states, pirates, drug cartels, non state Islamic political/military/terrorist organizations have to understand that if they cross America,  you have the capability for force entry into their safe havens and the  capability and willingness to snuff them out. "Peace through strength" is the Namazu way and history supports my position that it is the only proven way. Wake up America and the English speaking world get your self some naval forces seriously capable of "ruling the waves" across the entire world.

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