Saturday, April 27, 2013

4/27/2012 SURFING


PSSSSSSSSSSSST! Hey Dudes !  SM (Surfing Muse) here! I finally got hold of the "dashboard", Johnas and Og really don't understand "Shareware", or like computers generally. Like they think my ears don't burn when they are talking about me. Like dudes, with the shareware dashboard I see everything you post before you post it. But then you don't see me before I get a shot do you old guys?  Like because you don't get the "preview function". Since we ain't nuked China yet the old guys are really bummed out. The old guys and that whole crowd of old Navy cronies are drowning their disappointment down at the FLEET RESERVE bar. Me, I don't care if China glows in the dark, because like man  if we all just surfed naked there'd be 
Photo by Andrew Schmidt

no war. Like you know what I mean? I mean I get one thing out the Old Guy's fixation on dragons and tigers, like that South China Sea dude, ya can't surf it if the locals are all like busy shooting each other. So what bums me out is all the notice the Old Guy gave those the boat builders and the legal beagles this morning. Did ya catch that man? Listen, Dudes this site has SECTIONS whether its being blogged to nirvana or not; what am I chopped liver? You guys have got to click on the SURFING tab with regularity or I'm gonna be forced to get a real job! Man we have real stuff over there in the surfing section but my shop ain't even third dude! Don't leave me hanging here, click on SURFING in the right hand column. Gotta split, Og and Johnas don't like for me to touch the dashboard, but they won't know till almost noon on Saturday, later if the Fleet Reserve stays open past midnight.  
P L E A S E ! click on Surfing more! Gotta beat feet, like later dude!

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