Saturday, April 20, 2013



Can you the identify the first official image of our mysterious editor Johnas Presbyter among the crowd in this photo. We can give you  the following hints (1) He is the youngest (2) His uniform has an "Irish Pennant". (3) you can find a cropped version of this crew photo with Johnas centered on his Google + profile.  Of course Johnas Presbyter is simply the pen name for our Editor in Chief who, like the rest of the AAB crew, has to maintain a low profile and avoid identification with former government employment. While we try to maintain regularity in our images of him, like the name, they are standardized but fictional. We hope you like mysteries and that you're up for a challenge. Along the lines of "WHERES WALDO" we have a book we'd like to tell you about and a challenge for anyone who purchases it.

You can't really "Look Inside" on this icon you have to click on the link below:


 We think this book makes a great gift for any graduating Naval Midshipman, Coast Guard Cadet, or Merchant Marine Cadet you may have graduating this Spring. Rear Admiral Wray provides the reader with a comprehensive survey of the art of on deck leadership, a great reading list on the subject and gripping sea tales from real working Navy, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine shipboard leaders.  One of the sea story contributors is our own Johnas Presbyter, but because this is a U.S.Naval Institute publication he is in the book under his real name. Buy the book, then e-mail us at and we will e-mail you the page number that contains his contribution and real name if security conditions at the time permit. Of course you will have to keep it to yourself, but you will have bragging rights on being the first on your block to solve this minor mystery. You will also be recognized as a real American Admiralty Books insider. That plus a few bucks will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Really, we like this book and seriously recommend it for new Maritime, Naval, and Coast Guard Academy grads and junior maritime service officers regardless of source of commission or license.....and "Johnas" really did contribute a sea story.



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