Sunday, April 21, 2013


                     THE SUNDAY MARITIME "FUNNIES"

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The Sunday Funnies:

 Here are a few of what we consider "classic funnies" mostly for our new readers ( about 1,000 this week) who are not familiar with this feature. Click on the links below for specially selected YouTube videos. Then click the back button to return here and pick up the link to the next.

We don't do cartoons much mostly because we don't know how. But we love to browse through YouTube looking for funny videos that relate to our special pages such as fishing, boat building, navigation , etc.. Its Sunday, time to relax and follow that ancient Sunday tradition kick back and watch our maritime "funnies". Again, click on the links below and then hit the back arrow on the YouTube tool bar to come back here for the next selection. .

Funny Divers:

THE SMU WOMEN'S ROWING TEAM FUNNY IN THE TEAM VAN:  -held over by popular demand. Go to the large screen and crank up the sound for this one. The only maritime connection is that this a women's rowing team. Shot entirely  in the team van it proves that team work, coordination, great music, and imagination can rival the best photo shop, computer generated images. Funny and entertaining.

Going to Extremes To Bring You Salmon: A commercial fisherman's answer to the Angry Fish Cam.

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