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4/30/2013 Oceanography and Diving


                                                 Global Under Water Explorers

Among other things Gue will still be providing diver support to university led underwater projects after Coral-bots have taken over the grunt work.
PHOTO FROM GUE WEBSITE http://www.globalunderwaterexplorers.org/training/gue-course-descriptions

 In today's blog space Actress Jeri Ryan introduced readers to the Coral-bot project. we hope that you will donate to it. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/376482095/coral-bots-teams-of-robots-that-repair-coral-reefs The Coral-bot will greatly increase the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of many coral reef repair, re-establishment, and restoration projects. But such projects will continue to require diver support. GUE (Global Underwater Explorers) provides advancing recreational divers with the opportunity to receive technical diving instruction and gain instructor led technical diving experience while supporting university sponsored research and restoration projects. If you are a certified recreational diver interested in safely advancing to more exciting technical diving and helping the ocean environment at the same time we highly recommend a donation to Ocean-Bots and a membership in GUE. Below is our original article on GUE.

 In our TECHNICAL DIVING PAGES before we introduce any books for sale we take pains to define "technical diving" very broadly as almost any dives that involve overhead obstructions like cave, and wreck diving, or required timed ascents and decompression. We remind our readers that technical diving may require referral to books but you can not progress from a basically certified recreational diver to a cave, or wreck, or deep diver without formal competent instruction and some instructor led experience. Thanks to some help from the Google Diving Community we are now starting to describe sources for such instruction and instructor led experiences in our TECHNICAL DIVING page.

  One organization that really struck us as the place for newly qualified basic certified SCUBA divers to find a source of excellent advanced instruction, plus instructor led experiences is GUE, Global Under Water Explorers. More over by affiliating with GUE the advancing diver will experience technical dives that add to oceanographic research. Many GUE diving vacation experiences combine instructor/dive team leader supervised technical dives with research support of specific university underwater archaeology, and oceanographic research projects. With Gue advanced recreational divers help advance the world body of knowledge of physical oceanography, marine biology , and underwater archaeology.  One thing about GUE to keep in mind, they like standardized equipment for their entire dive teams for their technical diving expeditions, so you will want to affiliate early, before you invest too much in equipment. As a member of GUE advancing recreational divers don't just advance in technical diving skills and knowledge they help advance the world corporate body of knowledge. With active participation in GUE, your hobby can be spoken of as a "Career". When you finally get too old to strap on the tanks you'll not only have a variety of vivid diving experiences to recall, but also a "body of work" in terms of your contributions to specific university research projects.

 If you are interested in taking up diving, or advancing as a recreational diver, or even if you are an experienced commercial diver, visit our rapidly evolving DIVING and TECHNICAL DIVING pages. We thank all of those in the Google Diving interest circle who are helping us build a more informative reference for you on diving every day. Our mission is to spread and make more readily available and organized all maritime knowledge available in the English language. We really like GUE as they are also about spreading and increasing maritime knowledge of the undersea realm.If you are a recreational diver with just basic SCUBA certification for your own safety we urge you get formal instruction and instructor led experiences before venturing into deep, wreck, or cave diving. By doing so through GUE you turn not only your instructional experiences and vacation diving into a safer avocation, but you turn them into a contribution to the growth of oceanographic knowledge. Our diving related pages are not the only source or perhaps the best source of diving information, but we strive there to help you find the best sources, this what we mean when we call ourselves "Your Portal To The Maritime World". When we find a source of knowledge we link you to it, we never try to glue you our site. Please support our work by buying your maritime books here, checking out our advertisers, and starting research here. Help us build access to this world body of knowledge by using the comment section when you have something to say that can improve our performance.

WATCH A VIDEO ON GUE: http://www.globalunderwaterexplorers.org/about/what-gue-has-always-been-about 



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