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4/7/2013 Namazu Reading and Easy Listening Programs


     The Namazu Recommendations for Recreational Reading     and Easy Listening

Namazu, Giant Japanese Catfish and Former Demigod Turned Widely Read Analyst  . Back Around Christmas We  Revealed Namazu's Former "Civilian Career" As Album Cover Model For The Beautiful , Talented  And Aptly Named  Musician/Composer Nana OH LAND

To have the type of keen and insightful mind that Namazu displays you have to understand the maritime world ( get ready for it, pardon the pun.......) IN DEPTH.  Of course Namazu lives at the bottom of the sea of Japan, you can't get more in depth than that.(Ouch!) . Of course you have to have experience and his Supreme Catfishness has 3,000 years of observing the world's ocean scene. But when we actually asked him in 2012 what he attributed his insightful analysis to, he just said "I read a lot". So we set out to find out what the Supreme Catfish was reading and in December we gave our readers a report and promised to periodically report again. Well a lot of conversation has passed through the hydrophones since then and we've since learned that Namazu also spends time listening to music , sometimes while reading or preparing his blog posts. Well, its Sunday so we won't put a heavy academic or political reading list on you
but we thought it a good time to once again introduce to the Great Catfish's favorite music including his own theme song and some of lighter, more entertaining reading choices.The small album cover icon below is a hyper link to a complete description of the album. We tossed in the bigger illustration just so you could get a better look at Namazu in one of his partial Human morphs, we call this one "Catfishboy". He actually did the head when he interview for his job with us and it came out looking like a very elderly Japanese man. The woman hugging catfish boy is the recording artist ( and song writer) "Oh Land"

      There are 12 songs on the album. Click on the small icon to get latest prices, on our last check under $10 or you can order any one of the 12 songs in a variety of media starting as low as a buck.                                                            

Here is another album by Oh Land:Oh Land

  Eleven songs on this album, again each available as a single, but alas no Namazu theme song on this one. When Namazu isn't listening to "gal pal" Nana Ohlaund ( close approximate spelling of her real name) he likes the following :

      and the very appropriate:

Below is Namazu's all time favorite "coffee table book". Indeed all of us  here at AAB including the motley Christmas turned ware house crew loved the pictures.
       We noticed that Amazon was down to about only 17 of these in stock new and had them discounted and had 11 used in stock. So this Namazu favorite is probably coming near to the end of its first run after only a little over 5 months. There will probably be a second press run , we would think, we doubt however that this beauty will ever be cheaper new than it is today. Just for fun Namazu also suggests:  

Finally, just in case you never heard before here is a link to a music video by Oh Land performing "Namazu"   and a sample of something newer from Oh Land


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