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Up Date: 1/3/2015

Egypt-Chinese Agreement Signed. Work To  Start Soon On Northwest Suez Development

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Perspective of Suez Canal, from Tour Egypt website.

SOURCE: Egypt State Information Service
DATE RECEIVED: Saturday, April 27, 2013
'An Egyptian-Chinese agreement to overhaul the northwest area of the Gulf of Suez will be the real starting point for the whole area's development and part of Egypt's dream to materialize the Suez Canal Corridor, Prime Minister Hisham Qandil said.
During the signing of the agreement Saturday 27/04/2013, Qandil added the Egyptian government, since taking office, has been working on the Suez Canal Corridor Development Project to transform it from just a waterway to a mega national project.
An integrated development plan has been outlined for the whole area, Qandil said, adding the agreement will offer hundreds of thousands of direct job opportunities and millions of indirect ones.
The first phase will provide nearly 700,000 jobs and billions of pounds that would benefit the Egyptian treasury, he said.
The foundation stone of some small and medium sized projects for the youth were laid down to achieve social justice, Qandil noted."

 Editor's Note: 1/3/2014 The agreement described here is still in effect as far as we are able to ascertain, but since the Spring of 2013 the canal has been subjected to both labor unrest and terrorist targeting. The net result of course is the natural slowing of all sorts of economic development. Egypt's on going disruptions caused by the Muslim Brotherhood continue to retard Egypt's overall economic progress. This is a problem with all Middle Eastern investments. Islamism plays off of the hopes of the economically disadvantaged but in fact offers nothing but the economy of a locus swarm. When a population gives into Islamism there is a frenzy of blood letting of their former "oppressors", a destruction of the infrastructure, and an even more depressing economy emerges but then is held in place by unremitting terror and the locus horde that is Islamism seeks out new productive fields to destroy. We couldn't recommend to Western interests to join Chinese investors in Suez Canal Corridor project. The locus horde will eventually turn on the Chinese just as they did on the West claiming that their "patrimony has been stolen".  Then they will destroy the investments of these outside interests but are incapable of replacing it with anything. Islam is about conquest, submission, and iron rule by force not running an economy, building, or encouraging human endeavor. It has been dominant in the Middle East for 1400 years and that is why the region is an economic one trick pony based on oil. Before that it was spices and in between it was simply piracy. We urge any Westerners considering investing in anything in the Middle East to read Winston Churchill on Islam.   

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