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4/18/2013 Station Identification and Notice Board


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 The STAR OF INDIA is said to be the oldest active sailing ship. She was originally built in the Ramsy Shipyard, Isle of man, United Kingdom and was launched in 1863. She is presently a museum ship/excursion vessel in San Diego , California. You can visit and go aboard the STAR OF INDIA and with a little pre-planning for a very reasonable price you can even go sailing on her. You'll notice under the picture's caption there is a hyperlink that will take you straight to her web site where you can learn more of her history, visiting hours, sailing dates, ticket prices etc. Help keep the museum ship movement alive. The next time you are in beautiful sunny San Diego visit or ride the STAR OF INDIA. We'll have her up in that space for while. The hyperlink will always run with her picture.



Click on the link below the flag to get your day off to the right start!

This is the video of the Star Spangled Banner that she sang at the Super Bowl. Click in, stand and get our day started right! Face towards Boston.


IN THE NEWS TODAY: Of course we are watching the investigation unfold in Boston . We have no insights to add yet.

Despite the attention focused on Boston we continue to monitor the China Seas where the dragon continues to misbehave. But the Dragon doesn't confine his naval misbehavior to the near sea, on Tuesday in the blog space we carried the story of the reptile on ice, in the Arctic Waters. Late on Tuesday we learned that a U.S. Navy war ship is visiting Hong Kong even while Chinese Coast Guard vessels are invading Japanese and Philippine exclusive economic zone waters daily. This seems to underscore the delicate nature of the situation. All regional powers seem to be pushing hard against aggressive claims and actions by China but everyone seems to want to confine the issue to Coast Guard like forces and talk in terms of "administration", "law enforcement", and "fisheries management' while China occupies islands only a few miles from the Philippines and hundreds of miles from her own shore. Of course with Vietnam, which does not have the naval power of Japan, or an alliance with the U.S like both Japan and the Philippines ; China simply shoots anyone in the way  

The U.S. Navy has sent one of its bomb disposal units to Boston to assist in the aftermath of the second Attack on America.

Watch out Tigers, the Dragon (China)  made a gift of a war ship to Pakistan only a few days after making an overture to India (The Tigers). Don't drink the Dragon's cool aid, there is no truth to the reptilian claim that the Dragon doesn't want anything in the Indian Ocean.


IN THE BLOG SPACE TODAY:  If you're a Diver,or just thinking about trying it check out "GUE" in the blog space today. Also check out China's "Map War".

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