Sunday, April 21, 2013


 THE ANGRY FISH CAM:  Beastie Finds Some Seriously Angry Fish

Editor's Note: 2/5/2015 THE ANGRY FISH CAM. was pulled as a regular feature later in 2013 due to budget cuts and a relative shortage of suitable video in the public domain. BEASTIE's PICKS now replaces this feature but on a highly irregular basis whenever Beastie finds suitable video. Beastie himself actually survived the staff reduction in the wake of the 2013 and 2014 budget cuts since he works for fish and we are easily able to pay him out of our by catch from our one commercial Lafitte Skiff. But what you will find here is the original idea that launched Beastie's career after giving up being a man eater.

"Beastie" our Angry Fish Cam Talent Scout Has Found More Angry Fish

Click on the link below for a short excursion to YouTube to see a Tarpon that likes human arms.

And...a collection of seriously angry fish. Warning some of these angry fish may not be suitable for younger viewers:

Daiwa D-Shock 170 Yards 8 Line 6 1/2-Feet Fibreglass Spin Combo (Medium)


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