Sunday, April 14, 2013


Visit Annapolis-Spring


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Normally in Spring Annapolitans are busy fitting out there own boats and getting them into the water. Ego Alley starts to fill with beautiful boats cruising up and down the canal that defines the old town center known as Ego Alley for its' primo yacht watching and the fact that most of the boats actually have nowhere to go but down the canal to the turning basin around and back out. The purpose of the entire exercise is to see and be seen afloat. This central canal is also the site of the various boat parades in the different seasons with the last one being near Christmas. In October however for about two weeks you can hardly find the water surface as the canal is used to host two of America's biggest boat shows. Well if you want take in a boat show this year , see Annapolis in the Spring, and take in the sights of Ego Alley there is a boat show in nearby Kent Island next weekend that leaves  Ego Alley clear for its own brand of free "boat show". This is the one boat show that allows us take in a big boat show and then retire to the dockside tables of the Fleet Reserve Club, devour burgers that men our age shouldn't be caught dead consuming, washed down with prodigious quantities of the fermented extracts of barley, hops, and spring water and take in the regular "boat show" on the canal. All the information for this new Annapolis/Kent Island area spring attraction is available via the link below.

 Before or after the boat show take a little time to see our burg. If you have never been here before you've missed one of America's true  fun garden spots. Take a moment for a little photo tour by clicking on the links below. Once you visit you'll know why our motley crew insists on spending the warmer months of the year there year after year.

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