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BLACKSEAFOR anchors in Sinop Port of Turkey
Warships of member states of the Black Sea Naval Co-operation Task Group, BLACKSEAFOR, dropped their anchors in Sinop Port of Turkey.

 Namazu says: Notice that the originator and leader of this Black Sea Force is Turkey, a NATO member and that the membership in the force includes Russia. Sometimes our United States "entangling alliances" contain entangling alliances within the entangling alliance. This why I advocate that at the heart of the Western alliances there needs to be a virtual English speaking naval union, an alliance of the truly like minded, similarly governed,with shared values,and a common language. These naval powers  would be bound to their own alliance first and foremost an alliance close enough  for naval interoperability , joint acquisitions, and joint naval planning. We thought the story in the WORLD BULLETIN illustrative of the reasons why not all coalitions of the willing are going to be willing across all potential missions. The English speaking bipeds should have the least number of conflicts of interest and the greatest capacity to work out those they do have. With  the incredible demands on naval forces in the world today no one nation can carry the load alone, but few can count on each other as well as the English speaking peoples have. Below is a lead in and a link to a very illustrative story of the sometimes contradictions within alliances. Yet we're sure that the Black Sea Force would not be as effective without the Russians, but they are nearly always the spoiler for the plans of NATO. Turkey, the very nation I'd pick as NATO spokesman to the Islamic world, needs Russian cooperation on its Black Sea Coast. Russia opposes a Syrian intervention. Yet Turkey appears ready to join France as a hawk. Alliance paradoxs never cease. Lets have an alliance at the core that can be understood, an English speaking naval union.

World Bulletin / News Desk
Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Warships of member states of the Black Sea Naval Co-operation Task Group, BLACKSEAFOR, dropped their anchors in Sinop Port of Turkey within the scope of an exercise which started from Ukraine's Sevastopol coastal city. BLACKSEAFOR was shaped in early 2001 under the leadership of Turkey, with the participation of all other Black Sea littoral states, namely Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia. The BLACKSEAFOR founding agreement was signed in Istanbul on April 2, 2001, purpose of which is to cooperatively promote security and stability in the Black Sea maritime area and beyond, strengthen friendship and good neighborly relations among the regional states."

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