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 The American Admiralty Bureau operated for more than two decades fighting "junk science" ( and all manner of junk nautical arts and sciences) in the American Admiralty Courts, especially in the Gulf Coast's Fifth Circuit. Where many so called experts articulated the "custom of the industry" the American Admiralty Bureau measured what was actually the corporate or shipboard practice and / or the custom of the industry against recognized safety regulations, codes, standards, and authoritative literature. Not only did this govern what went on in their testing lab and programs, and the expert witness testimony presented by their "Forensic Examiners" but they guarded against any temptation to tailor professional opinion  to a particular client by publishing their "COMMENTATOR" which when the organization retired a few years ago had reached 5 volumes plus numerous "Guides". The AAIS parent organization of American Admiralty Books has commissioned one of the original contributors, authors, and editors to update these valuable guides to predicting or impeaching expert witness testimony in the admiralty and maritime courts. We are publishing them on line free for the use of anyone in need of their contents and updated. (Updates from the 1990s versions are indicated in red print). We hope to have all of the American Admiralty Bureau COMMENTATORS and GUIDES on line for over the next couple of years. We believe that you will find this service invaluable. We will also be encouraging our professional mariner readers to study these volumes in the hopes of bringing more verifiable good marine practice into daily operations in lieu of some of the hazardous "customs of the industry that have evolved as "short cuts" and resulted in the deaths and maiming of too many American Seamen, especially in the inland towing and offshore oil and mineral trades.

 Perhaps this effort of ours will provide one or more of you with a unique advertising opportunity. We need a sponsor or sponsors for this endeavor. Many people exploring the Internet today have advertising blocking soft ware, you pay for ads that few actually see. We no longer run ads on our blog proper though we accept them in or parallel "shopping mall". Our book icons within the blog are expected since we obviously are a book store among other things. But within the blog proper, the "library/book store" as we like to think of it we accept sponsors who support such endeavors as our American Admiralty Bureau publications project. We circumvent the advertising blocking soft ware by discussing your role in sponsoring the activity and the nature of your business within our introductory text with a hyper link to your own web site. We can include a logo or illustration without tripping over the advertising blocking technology. If you think you might be interested in sponsoring the American Admiralty Bureau GUIDES and COMMENTATOR project drop us an E-mail (americanadmiralty.books at gmail.com) or leave a comment in the AUTHORITATIVE LITERATURE SECTION

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