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 According to reports from the Xinhua New Agency China's PLAN (People's Liberation Army's Navy) the PLAN commissioned a new major ocean going supply vessel last Thursday (Sept.12, 2013). The new supply ship can provide both dry and liquid cargoes to warships. In the news release the specific word "replenishing" was used. Given, as we reported some months ago that the PLAN has apparently mastered "replenishment at sea" a naval skill normally associated with the world's most advanced navies and critical to global operations, we think this new vessel is designed to be able to conduct underway replenishment. That could certainly be useful as China expands its navy's ability to protect the nations sea lines of communication in operations like their participation in piracy suppression off Somalia. But unfortunately this vessel named CHAOHU , hull number 890 is assigned to the East China Sea Fleet. She is presently deployed for one purpose to extend the on scene endurance of other Chinese naval and coast guard assets in invading , occupying, and taking from the rightful owners the "outer string of islands", including islands that are internationally recognized as parts of the Philippines and Japan far beyond any recognized territorial sea of China. Her displacement is about 20,000 tons . For the general information of our Captains who may encounter her in the region, her Captain at commissioning was Zhang Weidong. The ship while apparently just officially commissioned last Thursday had successfully completed two underway replenishment exercises with PLAN war ships. Zhang Weidong and the PLAN'S CHAOHU are ready to roll on their assigned mission.  According to her captain the CHAOHU is not ice capable, a further indication along with her posting to the East China Sea Fleet that she is meant to extend on scene endurance of Chinese military and paramilitary assets trying to muscle their neighbors out of their island possessions and exclusive economic zones.

  Here is an interesting suggestion for Japan ,the Philippines, Vietnam and others suffering offshore dragon infestation. It is often quite easy to obtain the names of naval officers commanding specific ships. If a ship is known to intrude on your soverignity, why not start collecting the names of the commanding officers and bring individual charges against them in the world court for damages and fines as would be assessed against a merchant captain who violated any of your national laws applicable to your territorial waters or exclusive economic zone? Why not issue warrants under your own national court system for the arrest of these commanding officers/ Why not organize teams of lawyers to locate any foreign assets these officers have and file suit against them. In short these intrusions by Chinese naval ships and coast guard vessels are violations of both international and your own national law. In the West naval officers and coast guard officers are strictly charged with obeying and enforcing international law and legally duty bound to disobey unlawful orders.

 We find it hard to believe that Chinese naval officers are without any sense of honor. They have for the moment suspended judgement on their governments interpretation of international law. Attack that interpretation. Attack the individual commander's reputation in the world courts and the world media, make the name of any officer who carries out these unlawful orders associated with criminality internationally. Put warrants out for them and if they ever land anywhere where they can be arrested and extradited to you make it happen. If you do repatriate them deport them as convicted felons. If your law allows for trials in absencia start holding them. Government policies, including illegal and immoral policies are carried out by people. Hold the people doing the Dragon's bidding responsible publicly, legally, and morally. Keep your case in front of global public opinion and name names. Don't stop until Chinese naval behavior changes. 

File:PLAN sailors.jpg These enlisted sailors are most often entitled to a defense of "obeying orders" when violating international law as crew aboard naval vessels that are illegally deployed, but their senior officers are not. Why not start to exert a little legal pressure and public relations pressures on their officers? All "push back" need not be military force. All of the efforts of the Chinese at stealing territory are not military, they have a big propaganda machine going including bogus "complaints" before international tribunals. Resistance to dragon infestation must also be on all fronts and constant. (Photo Credit, U.S. Navy)

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