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We introduced our readers to Kerry Patton a few weeks ago, today, with this partial post and link to his blog it seems a great time to again introduce those of you who are not familiar with this American author. Below the link to Kerry Patton's blog is a link to "Boat Lift" narrated by Tom Hanks, the story of how American merchant mariners working the Jones Act work boat fleet evacuated Manhattan in a marine evacuation that moved more people than were moved at Dunkirk . 

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9-11: Don’t Look Away

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Editor’s Note: Since 9-11-2001, every anniversary on this day, its been incredibly difficult to express myself. Words just never come to me with ease and to be honest, most of those I see are already saying what is on my mind. For the most part, I simply become a hermit on this day wishing to speak to no one, especially speaking about my feelings on this day. It is a day that forever changed America, and forever changed me. Social media and the news serves as a constant reminder, a reminder I hate. All I want to do is simply “look away” on this day. But looking away is simply not the right thing to do. The reminder is good. It serves a purpose to turn the negative energy I feel into a positive. I had written this a while ago after an incident I was exposed to overseas. I don’t know how I found it today, and while many may not understand it, for me, it serves a purpose. I apologize for my poor attempt at poetry :)
1240203_10151922538032518_1632828534_nDon’t look away
My eyes are tired
My mind is confused
I want to just look away

Buildings shattered
Bodies motionless
Chaos ignites
Don’t look away
Read the rest here:

Kerry Patton
Author, CONTRACTED: America's Secret Warriors

Jones Act Merchant Mariners Perform The Largest Waterborne Evacuation Since Dunkirk

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