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We've reviewed one or more of Kerry Patton's books for you here and linked you to all those we know of. Patton is an important voice on physical security issues and always worth reading. Below is a lead in and a link to his post this morning on the yesterday's shootings at the Navy yard, Washington.

Navy Yard Massacre: Lessons Learned

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Spending hours discussing the recent atrocity from yesterday’s Navy Yard on Fox Radio Affiliates this morning, I figured it was best to do a quick write up of some of the things I said based off some of the host’s questions or comments. There are a lot of lessons learned here folks and sadly, those lessons are meant for most of us.
What was the motivation of the shooter?
I have no clue what his motivation was nor do I care. I care, and all Americans should care at this time not about his motivation but the family members suffering due to the recent lose endured.
This guy had access and guns but was dishonorably discharged and had a criminal record!!!
Really? Is any of this misreporting because I believe it is. In fact, a good friend of mine on the ground at the Navy Yard is part of this investigation and let me clarify some misreporting based of what he told me (which by the way is single source reporting which means it’s as credible as the MSM—about half credible until confirmed by another independent source).
The assailant walked up to the Entry Control Point (ECP), saw the guard, pulled out a shotgun, shot the guard in the face, grabbed the guard’s badge and duty weapon, then went on his rampage. Whether he had access or not doesn't matter considering any Joe on the street, with or without access, could have breached the entry control point in the same exact manner.
 the government definitions of terrorism for a second. I mean, let’s face it, our own government has an array of definitions for the word and they are all created due to legal reasons. But go to the root fundamental of the term. Was anyone there placed in a state of fear? Was that fear terrorizing? If so, the act was a terrorizing act which means it was an act of terror. It’s that simple. This is why I hate terminology labels. By the way, it shouldn't matter what we call it. It was a heinous event which led people to their premature deaths....... click here for the rest of the post:www.kerry-patton.com

Kerry Patton
Author, CONTRACTED: America's Secret Warriors

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