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 Syrian President Bashar Assad, right, visits the Christian village of Maaloula, near Damascus, Syria.  Photo by  the Syrian official news agency SANA
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 We received an E mail recently via a community that we call" NIP MAIL", NIP standing for Naval Intelligence Professionals (an association of active and retired maritime intelligence professionals, enlisted, officer and civilian with the Navy. Marine Corps, and Coast Guard). The author was Kerry Patton who is best known as a book author on intelligence subjects. His most recent work is CONTRACTED II: AMERICA'S TERRORISTS TRACKERS.

Syrian Seacoast Wikipedia Creative Commons License
Kerry is also a blogger and has written a post titled "SYRIA DUMBED DOWN". He has been in Syria and just about every other troubled place on the planet. The picture he paints of the region, the Assad regime, and the treatment he would like to see Syria receive is quite different from the one recently painted by the President. We don't recommend Kerry's writing style on this particular post for children . He paints a very unique picture. While the President wants to militarily strike Syria, our analyst Namazu counsels a World Court indictment of Mr. Assad. We've made the case for the indictment, and we've argued against the military strike. In SYRIA DUMBED DOWN Kerry makes the final case, just leave them alone in a very unorthodox but we think effective way....it at least appealed to our crew though we still back the catfish.

We won't spoil it for you with a lead in, just click on this link for some unvarnished Kerry Patton, or click on any of the book cover icons above to explore his book efforts: http://rhinoden.rangerup.com/syria-dumbed-down/


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