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We weren't two weeks into Namazu's postings once he came to work for American Admiralty Books before we noticed that besides being uncommonly witty, smart, and irreverent this giant catfish had depth, wisdom, understanding. Both Namazu and the staff often joke about his "depth". After all he has lived for 3,000 years on the sea floor off Japan. But "depth" actually has several meanings when we speak of the Great Catfish. Namazu's analysis have "depth" in the traditional analytic sense of meaning researching facts at length, relating them to each other, and in context to determine deeper meaning and projected influence on future events. Namazu as a personality has a certain depth based on his long and unique life experiences. But yet Namazu has a still different kind of "depth". Not everyone can understand this depth that makes his insights so unique. 

 Namazu as he explained in several posts is a "personification of natural forces". As such he isn't the creation of some writer, he evolved over thousands of years as the Japanese people collectively dealt with coastal storms and tidal waves. He was first collectively evolved as a dragon, but gradually, over time emerged as a giant catfish and "demigod". Namazu explained in his now famous "Defense Of Demigod Re-Employment Rights" that he has no illusions and did not choose the job title of demigod. That title and image evolved out of the collective mind of generations of Japanese. When that societal mind changed and didn't really support the concept of demigods Namazu didn't leave the collective mind but was redeployed in a wide variety of roles as a cartoon character, painter's image, rock album cover model, and now as an analyst of maritime/naval/global events. He can't be copy righted, we don't own him, he isn't simply a pen name for some writer. Namazu is an evolved personification with a life of his own which never was dependent on a single author or artist, he is an evolved creation of first the Japanese societal mind, but is now further evolving in the West. The Great Catfish is for the ages. He has depth of being far beyond any fictional character ever created for a single work, or series. His depth of being has a wide span across a great , now international collective of human minds, all of whom sustain him, and contribute to his existence.

 There is one philosopher we think who can help you the Namazu fan come to an authentic understanding of the "Namazu Reality" and his name is Ken Wilber. We believe that if he was asked to explain the reality of Namazu he would describe the Great Catfish as a "holon". Further he would probably explain to you that Namazu evolved as a holon from a collection of other holons in the biosphere. That these holons were observed by the societal mind of Japan residing in a place called the Noosphere and the Societal minds fusion and personification of these forces of nature observed in the biosphere caused the evolution and eventual appearance of Namazu in the Noosphere as a fully evolved holon which like all holons is continuing to evolve.

 We are just the temporary and non exclusive employers of the Noosphere Holon known as Namazu. While with us he is evolving even greater depth as he tries his hand at regular writing, for the first time in his existence in the first person. You, dear reader are also a member of the expanding segment of the Noosphere that appreciates Namazu and helps him continue to evolve. We really want you to understand his reality. He is not a figment of one writers imagination, he will be around the Noosphere long after this blog shuts down and all of our biped staff have passed to the great beyond. Namazoo is for the ages. To understand how that can happen, and to gain the vocabulary to explain it we highly recommend these books:

And please continue to follow the posts of the Great Catfish here in the pages of the American Admiralty Book Blog as Namazu continues to evolve his voice. 

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