Friday, September 13, 2013


South Korea to Launch Shipping Service On North Pole Sea Route

UPDATE 2/4/2015 This winter has produced record ice cover in the High Arctic, only a particularly warm Spring is likely to negate the delaying effect the heavier ice cover will have on the opening of the High Arctic navigation season.

UPDATE: 12/14/2014: Predictions going into 2014 Summer navigation season were for reduced ice conditions. As of today we can't seem to find any authoritative data on the actual Summer 2014 conditions. Officially the Northern Routes Navigation Season ends in October, so the data may not yet be analyzed completely. But what we did find in abundance was scientific papers sounding a cautionary note about the difficulties in forecasting summer High Arctic sea ice cover. We still urge caution to maritime business leaders in committing major capital on assumptions of conditions in any one year that non ice breaking hulls can get through.   

Editor's Note: The Polar Route actually didn't open this summer (2013) and this voyage is being performed by a Swedish vessel equipped for ice breaking. The authors, quoting shipping company officials continue to speak in terms of global warming and how it is going to open up more High Arctic shipping routes for longer service as as the century progresses. The fact is we had near "normal" ice conditions in the High Arctic this (2013) summer and long term forecast is for more cooling and more ice in the next 24 to 36 months. Did shipping management drink the Al Gore cool aid? We know it is very hard to get any actual scientific information that doesn't support global warming through a world media that has drunk the Al Gore cool aid. To the suits in shipping who have to make the big decisions, we say don't bet the farm on it. Two of the major three High Arctic shipping routes didn't open this summer. There could be even more ice next summer. Should you be making long term developmental decisions based on the assumption that global warming will continue through the century. Wake Up! As reported here earlier the climate has been in a warming pause for 200 months and this year is cooling. How much do you want to spend on projects that depend on continued global warming? We found an interesting story of a shipping company making just that sort of investment decision, a lead in and link to the full story is provided below.

Souce:Xinhua Publish By  Updated 13/09/2013 12:06 am in World 

A South Korean shipping company is set to launch a shipping service via a new North Pole shipping route emerged as a result of the melting Arctic sea ice, Yonhap news agency quoted the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries as saying Thursday.
A ship of the country’s Hyundai Glovis Corporation, carrying 44, 000 tons of naphtha, will set sail from Russia’s Ust-Luga port on Sunday. It is expected to arrive in South Korea’s Gwangyang port in mid-October.
The Arctic passage will cut the trip from the South Korea to northern European countries by up to 15 days, compared to 40 days when using the conventional shipping route through the Indian Ocean and the Suez Canal.

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