Wednesday, July 23, 2014

FLASH ALERT: This is one very good idea for our veterans by a group of veterans  who are also technology and medical  professionals that we know and trust: We urgently urge your support.
   Johnas Presbyter, editor

Dear Linked Friends of Veterans

Linked-In Friends: ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT in the crowdsourcing effort for Blue Star Veterans Network!

The Blue Star Veterans Network on indiegogo

Our campaign has been picked up TV, radio, on blogs, and in the press. On Friday this week I’ll be on national TV—Fox News, Neil Cavuto, 4 pm. Last week: 5 million Twitter recipients.
  1. If you’ve already supported us, THANKS! Can’t tell you how much we appreciate your help.
  2. If you like the idea but haven’t had a chance to check it out, then GO LOOK, now! Donate a dollar, leave a supportive comment, and tell your friends. Only 3 days left! Can’t procrastinate any longer…
  3. If you hate the idea and don’t want me to send you one more e-mail like this on the last day of the campaign, please hit “unsubscribe” below, and please accept my apologies for the bother.
As you probably know, Blue Star provides aging-in-place technologies and services to older veterans, helping them to live at home, free and independent. We’re “by vets, for vets.” Owned by vets, servicing only vet families, employing vets, donating to vet causes.

The very best thing you can do: Look. Donate a dollar. Leave a comment. Forward on Facebook and Linked-In. You know—viral marketing!

Again: The Blue Star Veterans Network on indiegogo

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