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The Russian President Backs His Argentine Counterpart After She Accused Britain Of “Double Standards” Over Territorial Disputes. Editor's note: 1/4/2015 Russian plans for bases in Argentina and the reopening the Lourdes Intelligence Center in Cuba continue as 2015 opens. If there is another attempt on the Falklands by Argentina expect the Russians in Cuba to provide intelligence on any activities by the American Navy in support of a British defense by their Cuban assets. Also expect Argentina based Russian forces to provide South Atlantic intelligence and possibly even some form of area denial in places. With our forces engaged by Islamic generated concerns and an anti British President in the White House the time may be viewed as ripe. Argentine Forces do not appear ready but with major Russian assistance things could change. The only retarding factor on a major Russian funded effort is the down turn in oil revenues for Russia as the year opens. This first work week of the year seems an appropriate time to revisit the issue of Russia's alliance with Argentina and rapprochement with Cuba. 

 Really how many times do we have to say it, the Falklands belong to Great Britain by the strongest points of International law. First and foremost by the free and unfettered election by the actual populace. The people of the Falklands, many descended from the original British licensed settlers of 1833, have elected again to be part of Great Britain. Great Britain is not holding the population against their will.  Effective settlement is the primary test of sovereignty over historically previously unoccupied or only sporadically occupied  land when there are conflicting claims. Argentina did not exist as a state in 1816 the last time there was an actual dispute of claims at a time when the islands were  barely inhabited. The claimant then contesting British dominion was a confederation of South American States some of which no longer exist, Argentina didn't exist as a nation at the time and is not the heir of this defunct confederation. By 1833 the islands were well settled under British license. Some of the settlers were of British extraction and some Latin American extraction but all settled under British license. No one objected to British license or logistic support of the early settlement. Families of both ethnic backgrounds intermarried to form the native population of the Falklands today. That population has consistently voted to remain in the British realm. That population was forcefully invaded by Argentina 33 years ago and the invasion force was resisted and eventually expelled, 

 In addition to the totally bogus claim that Argentina some how is the successor of a long defunct confederation that had a pre- effective settlement counter claim on these islands , Argentina has blown up a nineteenth century criminal band of renegade cowboys into a legendary and completely bogus revolutionary army. Let's set the record straight. British authorities hired some cowboys to manage some feral cattle in the highlands. After years of effective British rule the Brits wanted to change their arrangements with these sort of civil service cowboys and change payment from gold coinage to British currency. By the time Britain wanted to do this there were stores on the island accepting British currency, trading ships doing the same and individuals buying everything from clothing to real estate with British currency. The cowboys were insistent on payment in gold coinage and turned outlaw robbing places of business and heading off into the hills where they neglected the feral cattle. They were treated like ordinary bandits which is what they were. Their only demand wasn't political , it was for gold. They were brought to heel by British law enforcement and their demise wasn't objected to by any portion of the population. Argentina has turned these mounted bandits into a revolutionary movement in their own minds. Its totally bogus. Indeed their invasion proved that there is no sentiment on the part of the inhabitants for Argentine rule. It is the present day inhabitants and their ancestors who built the community of the Falklands and they choose repeatedly to be British.

 So having destroyed her own economy, at one point even having her naval vessels seized by creditors, something that we strenuously objected to as a violation of established international law, Argentina's President brings in the Russians and gave them a military base. The real price we now see is Russian support for Argentina's bogus claim on the Falklands. Putin who seized the Crimea and is now seizing parts of the Ukraine in violation of international law of course has no issue with at least verbally backing Argentina's totally ludicrousness territorial claim. Argentina , a failed state has endangered the hemisphere by bringing in an aggressive and immoral out of region power.

 Argentina will now go the way of Cuba in the 1960s, and 70s and become a vassal state of Russia. This will seem to work until Russia feels the economic effect of failure to diversify her economy. Russia''s rebound is based solely on oil export. Wells do go dry, there is a global search for alternative energy, and if your entire economy is based on being an oil exporting nation, your nation is vulnerable. Russia is very vulnerable in the long term, a one trick pony squandering her oil largess once again on military adventurism instead of building wide spread diversified wealth. Once the present idiots in Washington are out of office Russia could be confronted with a new source of economic competition. The United States now has more proven reserves than Saudi Arabia but it has little effect on the market because the current idiots in DC refuse to lift the export oil embargo or approve the permits to reverse engineer our LNG facilities for export. Once U.S. oil is available for export Russia will lose its main economic leverage over Europe. Argentina will be stuck with an economy dependent on Russian petro- revenues. Russia will be belt tightening again.

 We do hold out some hope for the non centrally planned U.S. economy despite our totally negative confidence in the present government of dunces. Argentina is unfortunately already on the ropes and is now leaning on a decrepit and inept Patron. As for ever taking the Falklands? Argentina has no legitimate claim  and any attempt to take the islands by force again will be resisted by arms. Since the Islands are an actual part of British sovereign territory Britain has the treaty right to call on all of NATO for defensive assistance. Russia would be very selective and secretive about any assistance lent, and a second invasion would just about assure Argentina that her military capacity would be attacked on the mainland. Regime change would be inevitable once the people see where this foolishness brings them.

Well that's our opinion. Here is a link to the standard media type coverage of Russia and Argentine pronouncements:
The Bear is back in our hemisphere and already causing trouble for the Falklands and the U.S. via near by Cuba. Cuba never learned their lesson after being abandoned by Russia and now finds itself the servant of Russia and China and having to cooperate with the lunatic state of North Korea. If adult supervision ever returns to Washington this whole collection is going to come to a bad end.

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