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NOTICE: Today: A new American Diplomat for Arctic issues.  Russia backs Argentina in the Falklands

DOWNED MALAYSIAN PLANES OVER UKRAINE: So far this has not developed a marine context that would bring constant and detailed coverage within our editorial mandate. But we are aware that many of our readers are following the downed air liner story, and that the earlier downing of a Malaysian military transport over the Ukraine on Monday did not get much media coverage. The military air craft was marked in red cross insignia and was performing humanitarian relief work at the time. The military aircraft was of a type that is also frequently used for ocean surveillance work.  We like to point out, as we have in a number of posts over the past year that Malaysia is a tiger economy that militarily punches above its weight. Not only does the nation maintain very competent and modern naval , coast guard, air, and ground forces for the global security of the important narrow ocean passages in her immediate vicinity, but Malaysian forces also contribute to international peace keeping efforts. Proportionately, Malaysia contributes much more than would normally be expected of a small nation to global collective security efforts. But they are small enough that the loss of 20 personnel and a very expensive plane is keenly felt. 

NEWS FLASH! Malaysian Airline Flight MH 17 reported shot down over the Ukraine. Estimated 295 people on board. Links  to all media coverage through 11PM CST Thursday July 17, 2014>,+2014+Malaysian+Military+aircraft+shot+down+over+Ukraine&start=10   

A Malaysian twin prop military transport flying red cross insignia was shot down with 20 people on board by a Russian missile on Monday, didn't draw the press that the air liner did. 

NOTICE: ` Today we look at our control of the "near seas" as we examine North Korean shipping activity in the Gulf of Mexico. Yesterday we had the story of a most unusual fish landing in Michigan, another example of inexcusable "exotic intrusion". Previously we introduced the concept of "ROBO FISH". Monday we examined yet another accident in the Indian Navy. We call the INS "the Tigers" and we still back our statement after the last accident, that what is happening is understandable and if the Indian people stick with the "tigers" they will emerge with flags flying. 

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