Thursday, July 24, 2014

NEWS FLASH: Dr.Meriam Ibrahim and Family Free at Last UP Date


 Bravo Italy!

 Dr. Meriam Ibrahim sentenced in Sudan to hang for being a Christian is safely out of Sudan at last. Her husband Daniel Wani is an American citizen. There have been two children as products of the marriage one was born in prison while Dr. Ibrahim was in leg irons. Sudanese authorities imprisoned her with her Children. While her children would appear to be American citizens by the same law that makes the President , product of a marriage between a Kenyan and an American, a citizen the U.S. was slow to do anything in the case, and late in joining the international protest over the case that eventually led to her freedom. To our knowledge the United States never protested the confinement of the Children based on any argument that they may be our nationals. The U.S. did not grant Dr. Ibrahim a visa as she was legally entitled to as the wife of an American in a timely manner leaving her in the Sudan as male relatives motivated by wanting to inherit her several successful business trumped up charges of apostasy (converting to another religion from Islam, a capital offense in the Sudan, despite a constitutional assurance of "freedom of religion". The religious courts of Sudan have been ignoring the constitution in vigorous pursuit of  eradicating Christians from the region. We don't have all of the details of Dr. Ibrahim's release but we know that Italy figured prominently and secretly. An Italian official accompanied the family on their flight from the Sudan. Shortly after arrival in Italy the family met with Pope Francis. So far today the news has been originating from Italian and British sources. We presume the U.S. State Department knew what was going on and participated in some fashion because the family was being sheltered within the U.S. embassy after Islamic elements threatened to kill them for escaping the Islamic judges's clutches. Let us hope that when the family reaches New Hampshire Daniel Wani adopted home state that they receive the kind of warmth and enthusiasm that they clearly received in Italy with Dr. Ibrahim ( an orthodox Christian) being rightly received as a Christian heroine of faith. There was a time when culturally at least we were a Christian nation. Our government has shown no concern for the persecution of Christians in the Islamic and Chinese worlds. Here is a link to the BBC coverage:

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