Monday, July 21, 2014

Sunken Nazi German U-boat clearly visible for first time 

File:U995 2004 1.jpg 
A typical U Boat now used as a maritime museum exhibit. Photo by /Benutzer:Darkone licensed under Creative Commons 

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 In 1942 the U.S. Gulf was infested with Nazi U Boats especially near the mouth of the Mississippi River where shipping out of New Orleans and other South East Louisiana ports provided ample war shipping targets. U-166 scored a U.S. passenger ship the ROBERT E. LEE but paid for the sinking with her life and the lives of all of the German sailors aboard. The ROBERT E. LEE's Naval escort dropped depth charges in reply to the torpedoes of the U-166 sending submarine permanently to the bottom to serve as a tomb for her crew of  52 German submariners. The U-166 and her victim the ROBERT E. LEE rest on the sea floor only about two miles apart. The ships were first discovered in 2001 during a survey for an offshore oil company. They have recently been extensively photographed by Dr. Robert Ballard and his crew. It is vitally important that extensive 360 degree photography be made available of these two wrecks because due to their international status as war graves that can not be dived upon, or entered, unless there is a national intention and funding to recover and re-inter the bodies of the deceased.  You may view these incredible photos at NAUTILUS LIVE, A TALE OF TWO WRECKS. or on AOL at: 

There is also an excellent local feature on the two wrecks in the Lafourche parish publication THE DAILY COMET


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