Saturday, May 11, 2013



"Beastie"  Epic Fish Video  Critic

OK gang here are this week's picks for Epic Fish Videos we do seem to favor man sized and larger fish  but not always. Sometimes its man hooks fish and sometimes , as in the first video below its fish bites man. Epic Fish Videos are all about the man/fish battle, the occasional Fish/Man battle (see "Spear fisherman attacked by big carp" below), angry fish, ugly fish, really big fish, funny fish, funny fishing incidents, and illustrations of amazing fish or fisherman behavior. This is the feature that replaces my earlier : ANGRY FISH CAM. The ANGRY FISH CAM  proved too limiting in comparison to available epic fish videos out there and as we described earlier it had some some copyright issues. "BEASTIE'S PICKS: EPIC FISH VIDEOS" is simply a working title. We think that we have presented a good sample of the type of videos we are searching for in the below samples, a couple of which appeared earlier in the ANGRY FISH CAM. Please help us name this feature by leaving a suggested title in the comment box at the bottom of this posting. This week's samples come from YouTube. Simply click on the links below and then, after viewing the video click on the YouTube "back" arrow or close the tab to return here for the next pick.


Click on the link below for a short excursion to YouTube to see a Tarpon that likes human arms.

And...a collection of seriously angry fish. Warning some of these angry fish may not be suitable for younger viewers:

Epic Giant Catfish Battle:

Spear Fisherman attacked by big carp.

Jack Fish Tornado, incredible under water photography:

Guy in a Kayak lands Goliath Grouper on a hand line:

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