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5/11/2013 Namazu on "Beastie"
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                                                     NAMAZU, SENIOR ANALYST

Greetings by bipeds! I'd like to take just a moment to welcome a new staffer to the American Admiralty Books roster of maritime professionals. You may have seen his bi-line a few times already I'm talking about that guy with the impressive dentition, "Beastie", formally a talent scout with the "ANGRY FISH CAM" which had to be pulled for a variety of reasons, but happily "Beastie" made the cut and has been retained as staff. He will be continuing his work as a talent scout prowling the Internet for great videos of epic fish interactions with the biped community or biped individuals. 

 You, our visitors are encouraged to help us find a catchy name for this new occasional feature, please leave suggestions in the comment box below any of the recent or future appearances of "Beastie". "Beastie" will also be playing an important contributing role in the evolution and expansion of our FISHING Section (Click on the Special Interest Sections by title to your right as you enter the blog, just opposite the top half of the station Identification and Notice Board). Unlike myself "Beastie comes to us directly from the wilds and has no former history as a finny demigod. Hopefully, unlike myself he will be able to avoid that unpleasant misunderstanding that I had with the religious conservatives that I had when I first appeared in these pages. "Beastie" is just a natural fish with an unnatural level of cross species communicative ability.  His presence signals increased activity in our Fishing section. We hope our readers will help guide the expansion of this section by leaving comments there. This blog operates on a simple scroll, the comment section is always at the bottom of the post here in the blog space. In the Special Interest sections you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the section which encompasses a lot of test, links, book reviews, and in the case of fishing a just getting started on line tackle shop. 

 Lets all welcome "Beastie" to the world of biped media .  Reader participation in the evolution of fish /biped communication within this blog is greatly appreciated.

Yours truly,
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