Sunday, May 5, 2013

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   MAY 5, 2013


 New Orleans has a large Mexican American and Expat Mexican population but this year Cinco de Mayo fell on day three of a three day weekend Jazz and Heritage Festival. You can bet that there will be Cinco de Mayo celebrations in spots on the grounds of the festival and in places all over town because New Orleans celebrates everything and everybody celebrates everybody else's holidays. Really until you've seen the Italians and Irish marching together on the combined St.Patrick/St.Joseph day parade it is difficult for the standard issue American mind to grasp the concept. Annapolis has been described as "a drinking town with a sailing problem". Its history is largely Anglo and African American so until recently Cinco de Mayo wasn't a big celebration. Of course down at the Fleet Reserve they haven't invented a drinking holiday yet that isn't duly noticed. Regardless, the former shipmates of the old Coast Guard Campeche Patrol who work within the American Admiralty Informational System (AAIS) developed a love for things Mexican particularly certain beers, food stuffs, and Tequila. So this Sunday we are a little less inclined for nose to the grindstone activity than on a normal Sunday, though we understand that we are in a 24/7 business. But its been months since Mardi Grais and as our Editor in Chief Johnas Presbyter  (a Campeche patrol Veteran) so often observes....."work, its the curse of the drinking class". So if the blog space isn't up to its usual speed today all we can say is HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!

SUNDAY MAY 5, 2013

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 THE NATIONAL ANTHEM TODAY IS PERFORMED AS THE FULL VERSION, MANY AMERICANS HAVE NEVER HEARD THE COMPLETE LYRIC, WHAT IS SUNG AT MOST PUBLIC EVENTS IS A SHORTENED VERSION Click on the link below the flag to get your day off to the right start! PSSSSSSSSSSSSSST! Hey Johnas, man its Cinco de Mayo lets hear Jimi Hendrix!  Jimi Hendrix version



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