Saturday, May 25, 2013

5/25/2013 Boat Building



Photo by Bill Bradley and licensed under the "Creative Commons "  
Its Saturday Morning, we decided to leave the "Swimming Dragon" and the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean treading water for a while. Everyone needs a little recreation and we've paid too little attention to our non-maritime professional visitors of late thanks to the antics of the Dragon, and Ivan. So here's a pleasant little video on someone's home built and then rebuilt boat. Watch as the little boat is first constructed, then goes into use, and is later remodeled even prettier and more utilitarian than before and visits some new scenic waterways. The star of the video is a  simple boat, built with simple tools on a suburban patio. If this gives you the boat building bug there are more hyper links to progressively more complex videos on boat building in our Boat Building section as well as a number of books to get you started. If you haven't visited our Boat Building section recentky, you haven't visited it. Click on the hyper-link below for a very pleasant introduction to the hobby of home boat building.

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