Thursday, May 16, 2013

Boat Show Reminder

Photo by the Longship Company

FOLLOW US TO THE BOAT SHOW WE'RE IN IT....Sheet in Harder Hagar...maybe we ought to row...Starts 07:00 CST

The Longship Company's SAE HRAFIN Underway.  Photo from their website. 
The Longship company is a non profit educational association with no government support that helps train young people  in the skills associated with the boat wright's art. Of particular value is the fact that constructing and maintaining vessels like the SAE HRAFIN involve skills applicable to historic vessel replication, reconstruction, repair. These skills are sought out by maritime museums , classic wooden boat builders and repair yards. Boat Wrights with high levels of these skills not only command the top of the pay scale but enjoy professor like status within the trade and its patrons. Donations are sought to support the educational aspects of the Longship company. In kind donations of wood working tools applicable to boat building, and the rent free use of large under cover spaces within a day's cruise under sail or oars from the general area of Annapolis area are also sought. Such a covered or enclosed large space is specifically sought for winter storage for the winter of 2013-14. Click on to get information on how to join or donate. Keep Maryland's Vikings sailing! VIKINGS, A VITAL MARYLAND RESOURCE!

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